The Bugatti Smart watch has all the features offered by smart watches on the market. It also adds an elegant and luxurious design like that of the Bugatti cars.

The French car manufacturer Bugatti is well known for its luxury cars. And since a luxury car goes with a luxury watch, Bugatti has jumped on the bandwagon. The company is off to a great start by launching a high-end watch in three models: Pur Sport, La Noire and Divo.

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To produce its smart watch, Bugatti has partnered with Viita. This is an Austrian company that produces luxury smart watches. Both companies have chosen the platform to sell the watches. And to tell you how fancy the watch wants to be, you will only be able to buy it on the platform for a while at a price of €899. In comparison, the Galaxy Watch 3 and Apple Watch Series 6 were only worth €429 when they were released.

Bugatti SmartWatch : Design And Price

The watch has a beautiful, solid ceramic case that is very scratch resistant.  The watch is in fact so strong that Bugatti offers a 5 year international warranty. Three models of the watch are sold: Pur Sport, La Noire and Divo.  All three models have the same performance and differ only in their dials. The three models cost 899 € each for the moment. For the moment because Bugatti seems to have lowered the prices of the watches for their launch. Otherwise, their initial posted price is 1239€.

The Bugatti Ceramique Edition One is waterproof to a depth of one hundred meters. So you can go diving or swimming with it.

It has a nice AMOLED screen with 390 x 390 Px resolution. The screen is protected by a sapphire crystal that is also scratch resistant.

Bugatti offers two straps for your watch: one in silicone for sports and another in Titanium for your outings and parties.

The watch case itself is a luxury piece.  It is made of recyclable wood and covered with Vegan polished leather. When you buy the watch, you are delivered a package containing the Bugatti Ceramic Edition One smartwatch, an additional bezel, 2 straps (titanium and silicone), a high-quality Bugatti wooden box, a bezel screwdriver, a 5-year warranty card, a magnetic USB-C charger, a Bugatti microfiber watch cleaning cloth, a leather bezel case, the user manual and for the titanium strap a length adjustment tool.

Bugatti Smartwatch: Performance and Features

Each model of the smartwatch offers up to 14 days of battery life on a single charge. This is made possible by a custom-built 445 mAh battery. In comparison, Apple’s Watch Series 6 only lasts a day and a half. With the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3, you get two days.

The Bugatti Ceramic Edition One has tons of useful features for tracking your health and exercising. It contains heart rate tracking, sleep tracking, blood oxygen level.

It allows you to control your stress levels throughout the day. All of these parameters are measured using very precise sensors located on the underside of the watch, on the part directly in contact with your skin.

The watch can even tell you your biological age. That is, the age that your cells indicate. It is easy to imagine that smokers and alcoholics, for example, will be older on the watch than in reality. The Bugatti Ceramique Edition One can also measure your rate of dehydration and send you a notification in case of alert.

The watch has of course an accurate GPS and an altimeter. It can assist you in 72 physical activities. From running to swimming to cycling. There is a challenge mode that allows you to set a goal and the watch will push you to achieve it.

Finally, you can pair your watch with your Android or iOS phone to access a detailed report on your health or sports parameters. The Bugatti Ceramique Edition One supports Android 7.0 or later. For iPhones, it’s iOS 13.0 or later.

In the end, the Bugatti Smart watch is a subtle blend of elegance, luxury, ruggedness but also advanced technology. It offers more health and fitness features than market giants like the Apple Watch Series 6 while looking better.

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