If you are thinking of surprising your grandfather or grandmother a connected watch, what will guide your choice of watch? Above all, your choice will depend mainly on the physical and mental state of your loved one. Then you will have to look at favor a simple design that will please, ease of use, the integrated apps and the security that it provides.

What are the important features of a connected watch for elderly people?

  • Integrate a geo-locational system: This is a very important detail for people with cognitive degeneration pathologies, you will be able to keep an eye on your loved one in real time, define a security perimeter which can intervene quickly if your loved one walks away.
  • Provide Real time Medical information: this is a very important safety parameter. Some senior smart watches are able to report if the heart rate is failing, others analyze the stress level or the oxygen level in real time or even information on the wearer’s quality of sleep
  • Send and receive calls: Although seniors are less and less technologically backward, connected watches is a quick and easy way to reach loved ones. The vast majority of them even have an SOS function to send an urgent distress signal if necessary.

Our selection of the best smart watches for seniors

CPR Guardian ii

This connected watch with its bright 2-inch digital screen is easy to use, giving you peace of mind about your grandpa’s health. You will be able to locate your loved ones thanks to the integrated GPS and its Wi-Fi connection. It offers 48 hours of autonomy and recharges in just 1 hour and a half.

Security level it measures the wearer’s heart rate every 10 minutes and will warn you if it falls below 30 beats per minute. It also has an SOS button in case of emergency and is able to make and receive calls. Available on Amazon for 199$

The Amazefit Bip S

Amazefit Bip S Lite
49 $.99

Designed by Xiaomi, this smart watch for seniors is one of the most affordable on the market. Responding to its competitor Apple, the Amazfit bip S has corrected one of the shortcomings of the previous version (Amazfit bip) by integrating, in addition to other features (SOS button, calls , heart rate) , a fall sensor that will quickly warn you in the event of a fall emergency. In addition, it has a fabulous autonomy of 14days!

The Apple Watch Series 5

Apple Watch Series 5

It is impossible to mention connected watches for old aged people without mentioning the leader in the field. It’s quite simply the best selling smart watch in the world and it’s not stolen. In addition to integrating all the basic additional features, it adds a fall sensor to its bow, but also the possibility of performing an electrocardiogram I real time

The Nock S3

Dedicated mainly to people from Alzheimer’s or dementia, it incorporates an ultra-precise localization device that will allow you to easily determine the safety zones for your loved ones and which will send you an alert I the event of exceeding the zone. It also has an SOS button, a call manager, an autonomous battery up to 48 hours, and it is also perfectly waterproof.

Apple Nike +Series 4

Apple Watch Series 4
199,99 $

Also at the Apple, we present the Apple Nike +S4. Designed for the elderly with high mobility and sport, it offers the user great freedom while integrating all the monitoring and safety tools such as the SOS button, a fall sensor and a call manager.

The Garmin connected smartwatch

Specially designed for the elderly, this model is very functional. With an SOS alarm, it will allow your granny to reach you easily if necessary. Thanks to its GPS locator and a dedicated application, you will be able to now in real time where the person is. This watch also has a fall sensor

Amazefit Pace

It intergrades all sorts of capture ( GPS, cardiac frequency) this other fruit of Xiaomi will seduce with its attractive design, notably a lighting round of black color candlestick and as usual, with a chinese firm, this connected watch for seniors is accessible and costs about 84 Euros.

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