The advanced features of Sony’s new DualSense controller

World technology leader Sony could well revolutionise the gaming experience with its next-generation DualSense controllers. According to a recent patent filing, Sony is considering incorporating artificial intelligence (AI) into its controllers, offering gamers valuable assistance during difficult gaming challenges. New features in Sony’s DualSense controller At the time of writing, […]

Asus launches the new ROG Ally Z1 hybrid console, a more affordable option

Asus recently introduced the ROG Ally hybrid console to the French market, priced at €799. However, in order to meet consumer expectations, Asus has decided to launch a more affordable version of this console, the ROG Ally Z1. Although this version offers reduced performance compared with the ‘Extreme’ model, it […]

Backbone One – PlayStation Edition: the ultimate controller for PlayStation players on Android in addition to iOS devices

Mobile gamers have a lot to look forward to with the arrival of the Backbone One, an officially licensed smartphone controller accessory launched last year for the iPhone. The controller is now available for Android smartphones. Backbone One – PlayStation Edition design for Android The Android version of the Backbone […]