Without a mobile operating system, no phone can function. Since then, the tech industry has designed several of them, including Samsung’s Bada, RIM’s BlackBerry OS, Microsoft’s Windows, Nokia’s Symbian OS and the ones we are interested in today: Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS. Each of these 02 operating systems has its advantages and disadvantages, but which one should you choose? This is certainly the question you are asking yourself at the moment! Well, without further ado we will answer it, but not without giving all the differences between these 2 OS.

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Most users who prefer Android go for it because its store is packed with so many apps, while those who opt for iOS go for its security. However, the somewhat high cost of iOS products is also the reason for many migrations to Android.

Release and Themes of the new systems

Indeed, leaving Lollipop, Nougat, pie to 12; Google has finally released the 13th Generation of its Operating System on August 16, 2022. This one brings in addition to the qualities already present in its predecessors, very great updates. Also its direct competitor Apple did not delay to make itself heard. Because Monday, September 12, 2022 was the release day of iOS 16.

    While Apple insisted on the artificial intelligence character of its new system, Google rather relied on adaptability and the well-being of users. But the first thing we noticed is that some of the features of both systems are not necessarily new to each other.

Features “copied” by iOS 16 to Android 13 and vice versa

    A new lock screen with the possibility of customisation that is now granted to the user. This is the first new feature that iOS highlights. But it’s actually an option that has existed in Android for ages.

Meanwhile, notification control and spam management is now integrated into Google OS version 13. And file sharing between applications is now user-controlled, according to Android. But these features have been present in iPhone for many years already.

What’s new and exclusive to each system

    As mentioned at the outset, iPhone has insisted on the scalability of its artificial intelligence with the ability to edit messages sent up to 15 minutes after they are sent and the copying of text from videos now also becoming possible. Another major feature is the automatic entry of punctuation marks, which is one of, if not the major new feature of iOS.

Having focused on the well-being of its users, Android has bluffed us all with its ability to use its phone in several languages simultaneously and depending on each application. Managing phone messaging on your PC is now possible on Chromebook. And more. Battery management is now integrated into your data transfer applications.

It should also be noted that several other services will be released later this year in the updates to this new version of iOS, including the iCloud Share Photolibrary, which will be a kind of photo gallery shared by all family members with an IPhone.

So, the artificial intelligence character is what Apple is putting forward in the new version of its mobile OS. So as said at the beginning, each of these systems has its advantages and is constantly being improved. So, will you now be able to choose which one suits your needs!

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