In case your phone is giving you trouble or you want to sell it, you may need to factory reset it. After resetting, you will have to enter the identifiers that were used during its first configuration, in order to recover the lost data. If you have completely lost your Google credentials, you can bypass this procedure using the FRP ByPass application.

What is FRP?

FRP (Factory Reset Protection) is the factory restore protection system for Android devices. When you register your email address on your new Android smartphone, your phone’s factory data is automatically saved to the address provided. This is an automatic procedure that immediately activates the factory protection system to prevent other people from resetting your phone without your knowledge.

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How to bypass FRP?

Once you have reset your phone, Google will ask you to enter your credentials for verification before restarting your smartphone. To bypass this process, you will download the FRP ByPass application on a computer and then connect to your phone using a USB cable.

This procedure is a little more complex than installing a simple application directly on your phone, and may be different from one application to another. In general, the procedure to follow is as follows:

Download the FRP ByPass Tool APK on your PC or USB Drive

Connect your Android smartphone to your computer via a USB cable

Send the APK file to your smartphone and install it

After installation, you will have access to your smartphone settings without the need to insert your Google credentials. Note that this tool is completely legal from the moment you make personal use of it and do not access a third party’s phone.

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