Presently using an iPhone 12 Pro Max or a Galaxy S21 Ultra of more than 1000 Euros and thinking of owning one of the most expensive smartphones in the entire world? Have a re-think.

There are smartphones costing almost a million US dollars. Just so you know this as early enough, its price has nothing to do with its characteristics or its beautiful camera. It’s about the number of diamond or gold inbuilt or used on the case. That explains why you will see an iPhone 4 costlier than an iPhone 12 Pro Max.

You will notice that those who go for this smartphone are not in search of a strong or resistant type, but rather interested for luxurious reasons.

Brace up because this list of 10 most expensive smartphones will leave you flabbergasted  

10. Virtue Signature Cobra – 310 00 dollars

The first on our list of the most expensive smartphones is Vitue Signature Cobra.

Virtue is popularly recognized by its ability to produce some of the most expensive smartphones worldwide, and Signature Cobra is not an exception.

Signature Cobra is one of the limited editions of eight smartphones, each costing 310 000 $.

Assembled by the United Kingdom, Signature Cobra is a product of French jewelry shop called Boucheron Vertu.

The phone is covered with gold but the most attractive feature is the Cobra rolled round it. This cobra is made of massive gold, contains four hundred and thirty nine rubis and two emeralds.

Only 8 samples of this phone were produced meaning that even if you were financially fit to order yours, it won’t be easier for you to have it neither.

9. Goldvish Revolution – 488 150 dollars

This is popular brand handwork of Suedois Goldvish. Goldvish produced only 32 samples of this smartphone.

An aspect that makes it more enticing is that the nature of the phone is slightly different from the rest.

It is additionally made of white gold and pink, smooth leather, diamond and has a glass sapphire.

You can find the producer’s watch on the smartphone and you can separate and reattach as you please.

8. Gresso Luxor Las Vegas Jackpot – 1 million dollars

On the 8th position, we have Las Vegas Jackpot of Gresso, an internationally known accessory producer.

With the sum of 1 million dollars, you can have one of the most expensive smartphones in the world.

Comprised of a three unit’s limited edition; each smartphone is delivered with its unique number attached at the back.

Impressively, it is produced by one hundred and eighty grams of gold and black diamonds each with 45.5 carats.

Precious woods from an old tree of two hundred years old in Africa were added to give it a beautiful natural on the smartphone case.

On each, 32 carats sapphires manually processed were added on each button.

7. Goldvish Le Millionaire – 1million dollars

Another smartphone that goes beyond the 1 million dollars limit is Le Million from the luxurious Goldvish celebrity brand.

Le million after official release was ranked the most exclusive and most expensive smartphone in the world in Guinness Record Books.

Celebrity jewelry and watch producer, Emmanuel Gueit is the manufacturer of this smartphone.

It is made of 18 carats white gold and 120 carats VVS-1 quality diamond inbuilt and its vitrine is made of sapphire glass.

 Chances of having this product are very limited because Goldvish produced just three smartphones in the limited edition range.

6. Smartphone Diamond Crypto – 1, 3 million dollars

It was once the most expensive in the world. It was conceived by Aloisson and produced by JSC Ancort. This smartphone is primarily made of massive a precious metal but its logo and power button are in pink gold.

This smartphone has 50 diamonds inbuilt as well as 10 blue diamonds. The small quantity of wood visible by the sides is made from ebony from Macasar. Apart from the super luxurious esthetic, the software used has a special coded technology to protect the user’s sensitive information.

5. iPhone 3G Bouton Kings – 2, 5 million dollars

This is the fifth most expensive in the world. It is composed of yellow gold, white and pink 18 carats, an Alisson conception, who is a celebrity Austrian designer.

The white golden band surrounding the smartphone edges is decorated with 138 diamonds.

The most extraordinary and important feature is perhaps the 6, 6 carats diamond unique height which has been used to replace the original iPhone power button.

It is considered one of the most beautiful in the market and very popular among luxury smartphone fanatics.

4. Goldstriker iPhone 3GsS Supreme – 3, 2 million dollars

Similar to Bouton 3G Kings but contains more carats. It is one of the Stuart Hughes successful editions fabricated from 271 grams gold 22 carats. You will find 136 diamonds on the phone lenses. As for the Apple traditional logo on the back of the phone, it is stuck with 53 diamonds.

Instead of the usual Apple power button, Goldstriker has 7, 1 carats. A solid granite bottle is offered when you buy a Supreme Goldstriker iPhone; produced by a single piece of granite, stuck with leather, Cash mire gold.

3. Stuart Hughes iPhone 4 Diamond Rose Edition 8 million dollars

To make it more sophisticated, only two samples were produced that day, each being customized for its users.

This smartphone is made of massive pink gold and comprised of 500 diamonds and the Apple logo is decorated with 53 diamonds.

Just like the previous two phones, the power button is made from pin diamond of a unique 7.4 height.

You will receive your ordered smartphone in a granite box just like the Goldstriker Supreme and Kings Button.

2. Stuart Hughes iPhone 4s Gold – 9, 4 million dollars

The 550 diamonds of 100 carats used to make it stick together is done manually. The back case and logo are made of 24 carats gold.

The Apple logo contains additional 53 diamonds and the power button is produced from diamond carats of 8, 6 height.

If you lose your 8, 6 diamond carats, Stuart Hughes replaces it with another of 7, 6 carats.

The smart phone is delivered in a massive platinum box on which polished smooth dinosaur bones are designed. We can also find precious stones like opal on it.

1.Falcon Supernova iPhone 6 Pink Diamond 48, 5 million dollars

This is the most expensive smartphone in the world.

It is a customized iPhone 6 introduced in 2004 covered with 24 carats gold and decorated with a massive pink diamond on  the back. It is equally covered with platinum and a hack prevention technology such that the user’s private information is kept confidential. Bearing in mind that someone who has the means to afford such a costly smartphone has information to keep confidential.

Pink Diamond Falcon is very desired/sorted after by Nita Ambani, Asia’s richest man’s wife who is equally the proprietor of the Indian cricket team.

It is not the most beautiful in the world but is among the 18 most expensive smartphones worldwide. It is differentiated by the extra amount of gold and diamonds. In a nutshell, the ten top expensive smartphones in the world are differentiated only by the number of diamonds and precious stones used to produce it. Those who opt for this smartphone care less about its performance.

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