Hi friends, recently I discovered a new trick that allows you to watch live TV channels, and today I invite you to discover with me how to make the most of it.

If you’re away from your TV and it’s time for your favorite program, or you couldn’t take out a subscription to watch, this tip is for you. It works on all media: computers, tablets, phones, in short everything.

To take advantage of it, you will first need as a basic element, the internet connection, and then you will need a Github robot which you can have by clicking on the link below.

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After going to the Github site to retrieve the valid IPTV link, copy the link and keep it. You will now need an interface to run the Github bot in question. This is where another essential element comes into play: the IPTV Lite application – HD IPTV Player.

Please note that this application is available on several online platforms, but those that you will download from other sites outside the Play Store may at best not work, and at worst infect your device with viruses. And as finding applications on the Play Store is often tedious, we have left you the link below to access them directly. Sometimes the malfunctioning problem may be related to your firmware, or Google may judge that IPTV Lite violates certain broadcasting rules and blocks the channel, which is why we have also provided a second download link for you.

How to use IPTV Lite HD IPTV Player application

To configure IPTV Player, follow the steps below:

  • Start by downloading and installing the application using the link above;
  • Open the app;
  • Press “Skyp” to skip, or “Next” to find out more;
  • Check the box that says that you understand that you need to use a playlist (the one we asked you to copy on the Github) to be able to use the application and watch it;
  • Tap the Plus sign (+) icon in the small menu at the top or bottom depending on the version;
  • Press “Add URL” to add the robot link copied to Github;
  • Paste the URL previously copied into the address box that is displayed and validate;
  • The channel list will load and display;
  • Choose your channel and start enjoying;
  • You can also search for a specific channel by going to the search area provided, enter the name of the desired channel, wait for the search to be done and start viewing.

Since this application works with the internet connection, make sure you have a good and stable connection, preferably a Wi-Fi to make the most of your moment of distraction.

You can also use a similar application to watch online: Yacine TV

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