Windows offers many performance tools to protect yourself from great danger on the internet; you are no longer obliged to install supplementary software.

Researching, you realize that windows has tools you can use to protect your computer. No need to spend money to protect your information system. Parental guidance is naturally assured.

Microsoft windows Defender: a free antivirus

Anti-virus is at the heart of protection tools against internet dangers. We often leave out Microsoft Defender to install other competitors whereas this antivirus is imperatively included on windows as the best among the many antiviruses on the market. Windows defender is very much capable of protecting your computer from antiviruses you update as often as necessary.

How to activate and make use of Windows Defender

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It can happen that Windows Defender is not activated. You can verify this by typing Security in the research bar. Select Windows Security and click on Protection against virus and menace. You will find yourself in the security center which will indicate to you which antivirus is activated. You will also be granted the possibility to activate Windows Defender.

All round online protection of Windows is so effective. You can as well launch a rapid analysis to verify if your system is infected or not. To Options analyses and the click Complete Analyze for a more complete screen scans.

Microsoft Windows. A competent fire speed

Windows 10 and 11 are inspiratory fire speed which does a perfectly acceptable job. It protects your system from external attacks by regularizing your applications access to the internet.

How to activate to fire speed of Windows

Simultaneously press on the Widows + i. this will lead you to the Settings. Click on Update and Security, then windows security and finally fire speed and network protection.

You will now see the state of your fire speed (activated or). If it is, click on individual profile, you will now have the possibility to activate it. It is not prudent to activate two fire speeds simultaneously; this can result to app malfunction

How to protect your computer from Ransom wares free of charge

Ransomware is a bad software that crypts the entire file ins your computer. You therefore obtain decrypting keys by paying a ransom to technological hacker he conceived.

Microsoft windows Defender integrates a tool that bloc the majority of ransomware by default.

But Microsoft windows integrate another tool which is more appropriate for this work. The Access to Control to Files is an intelligent security nappy which hinders apps which are not trustworthy from modifying files, documents or from memory zones.

Even if ransomware infects your system, it will still have a hard time coding your information. And windows can even alert you in case the code is intercepted.

How to use Windows tools against ransomwares

In the search zone, type Virus then select Protection against virus and menace scroll down and click on Manage protection against ransomwares. Click on the button to activate control access to files

How to protect your Webcam on Windows without installing software

Press the Windows touch and I simultaneously to open SETTINGS.

 You could equally click Settings in the search zone. Once you have open the settings window, click on confidentiality, then on camera. Now chose which apps can access your Webcam. You can even chose to deactivate completely your Webcam completelyClick on periphery in the search bar, chose the Manage Periphery option. Go to cameras section, right click on the camera and select deactivate. This way, no app will have access

How back up your files on windows free of charge without installing any additional software

One Drive can help you to recover your lost files because of evil software or simply due to carelessness.

But you should take one step ahead and activate back up.By default, OneDrive backs up your desktop documents, documents and images. But you can as well save files or drag and drop directly on OneDrive.

The limit on OneDrive for Windows users stands at 5Go disc space. You therefore need to carefully choose files you want to save guard. Microsoft365 Personal offers a terracotta of storage and all Office apps as from 5, 99$ per month.

How to activate parental guidance on Windows without installing third party application

You will surely say that Microsoft Family Safety integrated to Windows are basic, but the remain competent

If your kid has an Xbox or a computer with Windows, you can define the time limits your child can spend in front of a screen. You can as well limit the apps, the games etc.

There are equally content filter options to what your child can see on the Web. You can even choose the website to bloc. Family Safety suggests android apps or IOS. The challenge with Family Safety is the integrated nature to the Windows environment. For example, content filter on the We function with Microsoft Edge, but not with Chrome, Firefox, and other navigators.

Before installing other software to perform a task on Windows, you need to verify if there is no other natural tool that is doing this job well. This will permit you to economies some francs. 

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