The term artificial intelligence or AI is often used to draw the set of techniques, tools and methods for human intelligence simulation in all its forms. However, with the outburst of NICTs and the many advances that go with it, a new AI has emerged: this is ChatGPT, Elon Musk’s new AI.

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What is ChatGPT?

More than a simple AI, ChatGPT is an intelligent bot capable of interacting in a conversational way, receiving a question as input and producing the answer to said question as output. Further, ChatGPT is an asset in debugging code for developers as long as they are able to clearly define their problem so that the bot understands it.

ChatGPT Use Cases

The ChatGPT AI can be used for debugging developer codes, for dialogue, answering follow-up questions, checking the veracity of acceptances (challenging them, incorrect acceptances, rejecting inappropriate requests) even for writing blog articles and demonstration of mathematical properties.

ChatGPT Functions

ChatGPT works largely thanks to the methods of Instruct GPT in ready respects. The operation of ChatGPT is based on the collection of demonstration data and the formation of a supervised policy, the collection of comparison data and the generation of a response model, Optimization of the policy of the response model. How to use it?

How to use ChatGPT?

To enjoy the features of the famous AI,

  • Click on OpenAI, create an account or log in to your account on the platform if you already have one
  • Chose a personal usage
  • Select the ChatGPT functionality that you want to put before validating
  • Type your questions and send
  • Wait for some few minutes while the chat box is generating answers

The advantages of ChatGPT

  • At the moment, using ChatGPT is free.
  • Versatility: The bot is loved for its versatility, as it can be used as an AI assistant and even to facilitate the software development process
  • Transparency
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Some Limitations of ChatGPT

  • ChatGPT responses can sometimes be incorrect or nonsensical due to lack of correct information during data collection
  • Denial of certain questions, and caution: to the extent that certain words may be considered confusing and have not been defined from the start (the ideal answer depends on what the model knows).
  • Poor wording of a question may cause ChatGPT to pretend not to know the answer to the wording entered, but rephrasing, may answer correctly is
  • The bot is not accessible from certain countries

Could ChatGPT possibly replace human beings?

Many users may wonder if AI could replace workers whose jobs depend on content production. Very surprising but The AI personally rejected this acceptance. Admittedly, the tool is overpowering, very useful and instructive, but we must not forget that it was coded by the developers themselves (men) therefore AI does not replace workers, it is rather necessary see it as a help.

Should we let ChatGPT do everything for us?

The ChatGPT chat bot being overpowered, some users may be tempted to leave all the work to the AI; error not to consent of course. It is better to use AI for suggestions on some part of your work, for example in writing blog articles in suggesting the outlines of your articles.

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