Brought day by day by the most dazzling technological advances, the choice of PCs designed for children is today the subject of great controversy on the educational and entertainment aspects, both for classic models and Chromebooks, weight, colour and capacities.

You want to offer a PC to your child and you are spoiled for choice, then this article should interest you. In this article we will list you the 20 best pcs for children based on the capacities, characteristics, educational and entertainment aspects of each machine. This ranking may vary.

1.    HP Chromebook x360

HP Chromebook x360
386,55 €
fnac481,90 €

The HP Chromebook x360 is among the best laptops for kids thanks to its impressive performance and great versatility. For its great autonomy, your child will be filled with joy; that’s why it is among the best in our ranking.

Even more, it then offers interesting performance, integrating an Intel Core i5 processor that can support heavy applications. The HP Chromebook x360 has a compact design featuring a flexible 360° hinge. Although the HP Chromebook x360 is very powerful, it is not the only one.

2.    VTech Genius XL

The VTech Genius XL is better because it has good features for learning while having fun. This educational tablet PC provides children aged 5 to 8 with several activities to develop creativity, logic, vocabulary and language skills.

In addition, with a storage of 16 GB, it can accommodate a wide variety of programs and educational activities. This pc takes the place of a teacher by strengthening your child’s knowledge in: mathematics, science, logic, and spelling.

3.    Lenovo IDEA Pad Gaming 3

Lenovo Idea Pad Gaming 3
fnac857,99 €

The Lenovo IDEA Pad Gaming 3 is best in its field, equipped with an Intel core i5-11300H processor, with a basic frequency of 3.2GHz. A substantial cooling rate, and an NVIDIA GeForce RTX3050 graphics card. This Gamer PC strikes with its best features that defy all competition.

Designed to provide your child with endless entertainment, with the heaviest and most daring games. With its backlit keyboard this pc offers enough space for children to manipulate. It’s clear without a doubt that the Lenovo IDEA is great but the Acer Spin has it a bit more.

4.     Acer Spin 513 CP5141H S2jOMQ

Acer Spin 513 CP513-1H-S0XG
fnac774,38 €

The Acer Spin 513 CP5141H S2jOMQ pc is ideal for its features, in particular its immersive 17.3-inch Full HD screen, which offers your child a large work surface and allows easy visibility of images without destroying or impacting too much on the eyes.

Even more, the Acer Spin 514 offers realistic image colours and its anti-reflective coating followed by a narrow frame guarantees your child and his little strength optimal manoeuvrability and easy transport, with two speakers, 8GB of memory, this computer improves the fluidity of tasks. But he’s not the best.

5.     Lenovo IDEA Pad Duet 10.1

Lenovo IDEA Pad Duet 10.1
fnac349,99 €

Lenovo Chromebook IDEA Pad is a computer that convinces with its two-in-one function. Equipped with a 10-inch touch screen, it can be used as a tablet. Coming in an elegant and lightweight compact design, it fits easily in a bag, easy to accompany your child during the day.

Featuring a powerful battery, 64GB storage memory, DDR4, 10-inch touchscreen, ultra-bright FHD Lenovo IDEA Pad also provides crisp and clear images. Although its two-in-one function gives it a huge advantage over others, it is not the most powerful.


6.    Genius XL Color Pro by VTech

VTECH – Genius XL Color – Pro
fnac101,41 €

VTech’s Genius XL Color Pro is at the top of our rankings thanks to its bilingual educational system for children aged 6 and over. Due to this bilingual system, it provides your child with several activities to develop his curiosity and cultivate his mind through games and a bilingual vocabulary.The Genius XL is also equipped with a QWERTY keyboard with all the essential keys, an interactive mouse to make movement more fluid, a 16 GB capacity that can accommodate a wide variety of educational programs and activities. It’s better in that it’s bilingual but doesn’t have good storage.

7.    MFC140FR from Lexibook

MFC 140FR de Lexibook
fnac49,95 €

It is an educational touch computer for children can also be used as a tablet and laptop when the screen is cracked or the keyboard. It is better because it can be used as a tablet thanks to its Android operating system, its small owner will have no trouble using it or even moving it.

As a result, with its 7-inch screen, they will be able to browse the Internet, download applications and games, chat with their friends without any risk because the Lexibook MFC140FR allows you to always keep control by filtering the content to which he has access. But it is not the best.

8.    G-Anica’s touchscreen tablet

Tablette Tactile-10.1Pouces

The G-Anica touch pad acts as a laptop computer since it is available with a keyboard or a stylus which, by virtue of its characteristics, has several amazing characteristics, to come and climb without competition in this top twenty of the best Pcs for children.

It comes with an Android 4.4.2 operating system, quad core, and a powerful 4000 mAh battery and with a screen resolution of 600 x 1200 pixels, a 7-inch HD screen reproduces colors faithfully and will do the your child’s happiness. Possessing the best features this computer is not the cream.

9.     Genio my first real computer

Genio Mon Premier vraie ordi


fnac129,99 €

This computer is ideal for children aged 5 to 12. With its QWERTY keyboard, a mouse and a 5-inch screen, 8GB of expandable storage via SD card, it has more than 50 activities and applications, a real word processing software and also for entertainment.

 Even more, the Genio has 20 sheets for revisions such as French, history, mathematics, science. This computer is better for your child because it gives them quality educational support without much effort. But because of his limited capacities he is not the best.

10.  Peppa Pig my educational computer

prix de Peppa pig mon ordi educatif

This computer is better for your child because, thanks to it, he learns to discover words, letters, numbers and phonetics while having fun in the company of Peppa and her family. Thanks to her educational system, your child helps Peppa build sentences.

 With this computer learning will be a game for your child because he learns crafts, numbers, melodies, drawing, calculations, phonetics, and the French alphabet and forgets the stress of school. Although the Peppa computer shines with its qualities, it is certainly not the best.

11.  My Paw Patrol educational computer-tablet

Blackview BV9700 Pro
293,05 €

This computer appears at the top of our ranking because, thanks to it, your child cultivates more moral values. He will be able to follow the heroes of Paw Patrol to the outcome of their mission and establish order and peace.

Thanks to its foldable keyboard, its touch-sensitive tablet and its two-in-one function, six buttons for gaming and for great entertainment. Due to all its very interesting features, the Paw Patrol educational computer-tablet still has some shortcomings.

12.  Kurio Smart 2

1 010,79€

Kurio Smart Tablet is an Android tablet equipped with 10 inches, a detachable keyboard and a magnetic protective case. Your tweens or teens can do homework or play motion games like Tennis instantly.

This computer is better because it is equipped with Kurio Genius parental control software, which allows you to maintain control over what content your child has access to or not. Although the Kurio has some good features it’s not the best.

13. ASUS C202 Chromebook

Chromebook ASUS C202
361,98 €

This computer is better because it is kid-friendly. This ASUS model offers a 180-degree hinge, spill-resistant keyboards, and reinforced rubber-covered frames that stand up to the rigors of everyday life and intense use by kids.

It is designed to be lightweight so that children can use it. With two handles providing better holding points. It also has a good battery that lasts up to 10 hours, a built-in HDMI output for sending content to a TV, and an SD card reader for importing videos.

14. GEEKPLUS small computer

This laptop is at the top of our ranking because it has the best features. With a Windows 11 11.6 fan, an Intel Celeron N4000, a storage capacity of 6GB/128G, IP52, this school laptop will be a godsend for your children.

With all its features and characteristics, it allows your child to fully develop by accessing secure content, watching films and series. But it does take a little more to allow the Geek Plus to be the best.

15. VTech P’tit Genius Ourson Computer

Ordinateur Petit Genius oOurson de VTech
fnac37,94 €

 VTech’s P’tit Genius Ourson is better in the educational field thanks to which your child can follow a little bear on his adventures to discover with him letters, pronunciation, shapes, 26 new words, and musical instruments. He can also listen to songs and animated stories.

Thanks to the adventures and the little teddy bear, parents will be able to enter the child’s first name and download songs, melodies or short animated stories. In educational terms, this computer is perfect because it educates your child while having fun.

16.  Computer-tablet Genius Xl from VTech

Ordinateur Petit Genius oOurson de VTech
fnac37,94 €

VTech’s Genius XL is an educational tablet of choice with a screen that converts to a laptop with the swipe of your fingers. This computer has 80 activities divided into 27 categories to discover letters, drawing, spelling, vocabulary, numbers, calculation.

 With it, it’s possible to save up to 400 artistic creations: colouring of images, choice of decorations, characters (dinosaurs, sea creatures, etc.) and colours to create your own images. This computer has an AZERTY keyboard. The Genius tablet is a good choice for your child.

17.  Lumi Toddler Computer from VTech

Lumi Ordi Des Tout Petits VTech
fnac20,50 €

With VTech’s Toddler Computer Lumi, your Baby discovers shapes, colours, numbers and animals with fun stories. By moving with the mouse, its creates sound and light effects while exercising his fine motor skills. A short quiz promotes exploration and many melodies punctuate the game.

The Lumi computer for toddlers is easy to transport thanks to its handle adapted to small hands. It has 3 game modes, 3 songs and 20 melodies. This computer allows children to immerse themselves in certain notions from an early age with sounds and stories. But he’s not the best.

18.  VTech’s Genius Kid Computer

Chromebook ASUS C202
361,98 €

VTech’s Genius Kid is an educational computer that’s better for kids with rich content and a modern look. With 20 activities to have fun and discover shapes, logic, vocabulary, musical instruments. This computer is intended for children from 3 to 7 years old and this computer is customizable.

Much more with this computer the children have five activities to discover the upper and lower case letters, the alphabet and to spell the first words. Five activities to learn numbers and shapes as well as the notions of “greater than” and “less than”. This computer is perfect, but not the best.

19. Bilingual educational computer Lexibook

Tablette Google Pixel

With this educational laptop, children can learn and discover many subjects while having fun. The Lexibook has a mouse and a large screen, it is very easy to browse on the 124 activities (62 per language). These activities are divided into 5 themes: English, Mathematics, Music, Culture, Logic and Games.

In each category, there are several activities with different levels of difficulty. That’s why this computer is perfect for children between 5 and 8 years old. It’s easy to take anywhere. Its keyboard is as realistic as that of a computer, all the functionalities are accessible there.

20. Novel TTT’s 2-in-1 touchscreen tablet

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3
fnac1 079 €

This touchscreen tablet has a 10 inch screen, 4GB of RAM with an 8000mAh battery. It runs Android 9.0. This computer for children has everything they need to flourish: its dual HD camera, its Wi-Fi network, its Bluetooth technology and its dual SIM 2-in-1 touchscreen tablet.

Can conclude that these computers are better for your children insofar as they have a beautiful design, great autonomy, good storage capacities and easy to use.

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