If you are a fan of video games, more specifically fighting games, then this innovative game is for you. In order to promote African culture, the young student Abdoulaye Sangoné Diouf developed the first mobile game, inspired by Senegalese wrestling, called Lamb, in which you can find some of the greatest wrestlers of Senegal, namely Modou Lo, Siteu, Balla Gaye 2, the Bombardier,…. Thanks to him, the whole world has discovered not only the talents of Africans, but also and above all the African culture. The iOS version is not yet available; however, the game is already on Playstore

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History of Senegalese wrestling: the Lamb

Contact sport, wrestling with striking, Senegalese wrestling is a sport that started out as an amateur sport, but which later became popular, gathering spectators on a national as well as an international scale. In the past, wrestlers were drawn from the surrounding villages, and fights were held after the rainy season. Today, thanks to the wrestler Mouhamed Ndao, Senegalese wrestling has gone from amateur to professional status; there are Senegalese wrestling schools, and the media have also taken over. It is now held all year round, on Saturdays or Sundays, at the Demba Diop Stadium and at the Léopold-Sédar-Senghor Stadium on 1 January and 4 April (Senegal’s independence date). This sport generates so much income, with the wrestlers’ fees costing tens of millions of francs.

The game rules

The fights are bare-handed, and the wrestlers have no protection. The duration is 10 minutes times two; the loser is the one who has his back, buttocks or head on the ground, the one who has all four limbs on the ground (both hands and both knees), or the one whose physical incapacity is noted by the three referees.

An appeal to African youth

The young Abdoulaye Sangoné Diouf, thanks to this innovation, is launching an appeal to African youth to discover their potential, their spirit of creativity, to invest more in entrepreneurship, and to impact the world in the digital domain. A more or less implicit call is also addressed to African youth to promote, as much as possible, African culture, our heritage, which defines our true identity.

Dear fans of video games, Senegalese wrestling, innovation and technology, come and eat, you are served.

The young Abdoulaye Sangoné Diouf has just written his name in the history of game designers

Game data sheet

Update dateFebruary 27, 2019
File size of download83.44 Mo
Release dateDecembre 02 2018
Operational systemAndroid
recommandationsRecommended for families
Price detailFree App
Installation requirementA minimum of 84 MB of free memory and Android 4.0 or higher

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