Even though Apple Watch screen is relatively small and does not offer same resolution as “iPhone” apple brand star (leading) products, it permits you better manage things games inclusive. Honestly, it is less powerful than iPhone and iPad, but you can play many games on your Apple Watch and perhaps slightly develop an addiction. We hereby present you with six best game apps on Apple Watch.

These are the six best games to play on Apple Watch

Pocket Bandit

Pocket Bandit is a fun and entertaining puzzle game, the main aim is to rise to the title of king of thieves. You can play it on Apple Watch by using the numeric crown to move and vibrations to find the right combination! There are more than 1000 treasures to steal and become the king of thieves.

Dare the Monkey

Dare the monkey is a simple game aimed at collecting all pieces and falling bananas in order to save the monkey from death thereby  accumulating points. All you have to do is touch the screen to make the monkey jump in order to escape all the obstacles. Long screen touch gives the monkey a higher jump for taller obstacles. If you love Super Mario you will love this game.

Ping Pong

Ping Pong is a multi-player game which brings refreshment and increases the Apple Watch game level. To play with a friend, slide up in the app and select “versus” then chose same option on your iPhone in shopping mode to start playing. In case you want to play Ping Pong alone, use the numeric crown to displace the pallet bar. You will not face displacement challenges because your iPhone and Apple Watch are synchronized.


Rules is a fascinating Apple Watch brain stimulating game characterized by difficult puzzles. In order to complete more levels, you have to keep record of all rules learned from the previous levels up to the following level, this is because rules  from previous levels applies to the following levels and are generally indicated as “Rule 1”or “Rule 4” etc. Not forgetting that the game becomes more difficult.

Bubblegum Hero

If you are in search of a fun and addictive game to help you spend time on your Apple Watch, Bubblegum Hero is the best game. Simply click and maintain to blow a bubble ball to play and release when the pointed line is filled. The bubble ball will explode if you press and maintain for too long or if you release it too soon and that will be the end of it for you. Despite being a very basic game, it is one of the best Apple Watch games.

Trivia Crack

The Trivia Crack app is similar to Trivial Pursuit, in the sense that you will be bombarded with questions from different categories and you are expected to choose the best answers in a list of options to win. It is a fun and entertaining game which you can play with your loved ones to keep you leisure moments funky.

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