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List of free computer games in 2022

If you have some time to relax, you can’t go wrong with a free-to-play title, especially if you’re playing on PC, which offers plenty of free gameplay options. But with so many games to try, it can be overwhelming to find a game worth importing. You might be able to stick with Steam’s free games, but if you’re not afraid to venture outside the comfort of Valve’s online video game store, you’ll find plenty of good stuff in this article.

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1- Call of duty warzone

By far, Call of Duty Warzone is one of the best multiplayer games that you can play for free on your PC. The game was released in March 2020, and within a year, the FPS title managed to attract over 100 million players.

Developed by Infinity Ward, Warzone has become the king of battle royale due to its fast paced action gameplay. And if you don’t play for the title in 2022, you’re definitely missing out on so much fun.

2- Halo infinite multiplayer

All Halo fans were eager to play the latest installment of the franchise in 2021. After quite a wait, 343 Industries finally released Halo Infinite on December 8, 2021.

Halo Infinite offers one of the best campaigns in the entire franchise. However, for several players, the major highlight is the multiplayer mode, which, of course, is available for everyone for free.

3- Destiny 2

This sci-fi shooter has seen many changes since its launch in 2017, such as switching to a free-to-play model, adding the Destiny Content Vault, and increasing the number of planets. Destiny 2 is one of the most action-packed MMOs you’re going to find on PC, so it might be your bag if you’re digesting Call of Duty.

4- Fortnite

Undoubtedly the biggest name in gaming today, Fortnite has become a worldwide pop culture phenomenon with its cinematic and musical crossovers, game-changing events, and beneficial gameplay mechanics that many other freemium titles have. imitated over the years. That said, diligent Fortnite players often spend money in the store.


Developed by Digital Extremes, Warframe is a third-person role-playing game and multiplayer shooter. The game is available for free on several platforms, including Windows PC. In the game, you have the opportunity to try out different Warframes that give you a huge variety of weapons and abilities. If you like smashing games for hours to craft in-game items while using powerful combat tactics to defeat your enemies, Warframe is the game for you. Moreover, it offers players PvE and PvP elements; one more reason to try this game right now.

6. Final fantasy xiv

Final Fantasy XIV has earned its place among the best free PC games the hard way. After a deplorable launch and many months in recovery mode, developer Square Enix has been able to turn its ambitious MMO Final Fantasy around and create one of the best gaming communities in the process. While the full game isn’t free, you can spend a good chunk of your time in the free trial, which limits your progress to level 60.

7- World of warships

If you love the idea of World of Tanks but the battlefields aren’t wet enough for you, then you need World of Warships.

By bringing the navy into the deathmatch concept, the controls are more simple and welcoming, but allow for some very interesting tactics. World of Warships is much more fun than the naval engagements of Total War, significantly more accessible than Silent Hunter, and much, much deeper than the Pirates games. Surprisingly deep, if you’ll excuse the submariner humor. The esports scenes in the World of Warships game are also much more exciting.

8- Planetside 2

Planetside 2 has always felt different from other games on the market, due to its colder nature, more obscure systems for getting the most out of the game, and its stark take on how fragile each player is when spawning. in an arena. But beyond these factors, you will find that the game has been adored by its audience since 2012 for delivering unique gameplay moments in its world. Fresh content like the Chimera and Javelin updates have kept players engaged, and when you jump into the game it’s not uncommon to see hundreds of people battling each other.

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If you need to hone your management skills while quenching your thirst for historical strategy, the browser-based kingdom-building game Forge of Empires might be right up your alley. Lead your growing armies to victory in turn-based combat sequences, you can also join other players to form guilds, and research groundbreaking discoveries that will take you from century to century. other.

10- Splitgate: arena warfare

Halo and Portal might not be free, but fortunately Splitgate: Arena Warfare is, and it’s a wonderful hybrid of those two games. It takes everything great about online battles from Halo and kicks the fun up a notch by adding the weapon mechanics of Portal.

11- Apex legends

Similar to Fortnite and Warzone, this is a multiplayer battle royale game. However, what makes Apex Legends unique are the Legends, unique characters in the game with different abilities. Of course, gunplay remains a crucial element of gameplay, but Legend abilities add more fun and action to gunfights.

12- Smite

If you love playing as mythological characters and taking part in massive battles, SMITE from Hi-Rez Studios is one of the free PC games you should be playing right now.

In each game mode, you control a god or goddess and battle other players and their armies of minions.

13- Genshin impact

Genshin Impact is an open-world action MMO available for free on PC. The game features several amazing characters, and you can switch between characters while engaging in combat.

Once you start playing Genshin Impact, you are mesmerized by its beautiful map, music, and amazing characters. You can spend hours exploring different locations and completing multiple challenges to level up in the game.

14- League of legends

Every king has a rival, and for years Dota 2’s position as one of the biggest giants in the MOBA landscape has been threatened by League of Legends. Although the title developed by Riot Games has yet to commit regicide, it has come close to usurping the throne of Dota 2, and in recent years its imprint in pop culture has begun to eclipse its main competitor. Outside of that boxing match, League of Legends remains a titan that offers great entertainment to the beat of its own drum, as well as some of the best esports competition on the planet.

15. Hearthstone: heroes of witchcraft

Online card games had been around in one form or another for years before Hearthstone arrived, but Blizzard’s Warcraft spinoff quickly became one of those rare titles that redefines what a game can be in a specific genre. Hearthstone hasn’t just been a well-designed card game with addictive tabletop tactics, it’s been an ever-evolving showcase of ingenuity. Plus, the game looked killer, with each card unleashing dazzling special effects on a living board that could only have been engineered in a Blizzard lab.


 “Easy to learn, hard to master” is a phrase we often hear in the gaming world, but few titles exemplify this idea better than Defense of the Ancients 2 (Dota 2).

This free MOBA game asks you to select one of over 100 playable heroes to take to the battlefield (with the option to purchase them), using the character’s unique abilities, playstyle and attributes to help your team to achieve victory.

17- Eve online

There are the legendary games, and there is Eve Online. This long-running sandbox MMO gives you a ship and launches you into cosmic adventures featuring guilds, pirates, and player-created corporations.

18- War thunder

War Thunder is a vehicle-based MMO that shares some commonalities with Wargaming’s World of Tanks titles, and offers multiple game modes to suit your mood.

If you’re in the mood for some laid back action, War Thunder has an arcade mode for you that lets you easily jump through and wreak havoc. If you’re the simulation type, War Thunder has a very advanced physics, ammo, and damage system that lets you emphasize the simulation elements and make your battles as realistic as possible. War Thunder is also cross-platform compatible, so you can bring your experience to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players.

19- Heroes of the storm

If Hearthstone is Blizzard’s perfect entry into the world of tabletop games, Heroes of the Storm is an original take on the formula created by various MOBA games over the years. The difference here is that Heroes of the Storm is a celebration of all things Blizzard, resulting in some absolutely insane combinations of classic characters battling for control of the map. This is a solidly built title with a strong cast, lots of variety, and great game modes to experiment with.

20. Dauntless

Monster Hunter: World may have finally made the leap from consoles, but Dauntless offers the same awesome monster-slaying gameplay in a free PC game. Dauntless lets you team up with three friends in co-op mode and take on a series of increasingly difficult Behemoths, each offering a new set of attacks and abilities to learn and overcome. Make sure your party has a wide variety of weapons, as you’ll need to chain abilities and combos together to stand a chance of defeating these tricky beasts.


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