Launched last month, Hogwarts Legacy has been praised by fans and has already broken several sales records, so it is no wonder one of the most popular games out there right now. Due to the hype around the game, within days of its release, a huge PC modding community was created with some of the craziest mods you can imagine.

From flying on Shrek to fighting with lightsabers, Hogwarts Legacy mods have made the gaming experience even more fun. We present five hilarious Hogwarts Legacy mods that will sharpen your gaming sessions even more.

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Five super fun Hogwarts Legacy mods

Shrek Broom: the funniest Hogwarts Legacy mod

Harry Potter fans are just as numerous as Shrek fans, and thanks to the Shrek broom mod, these two fandoms collide in awkward ways. The Shrek broom turns your broom into Shrek, allowing you to explore the magical world of Hogwarts Legacy on Shrek’s back. Just like the Shrek broom mod, you can try the Thomas broom mod that turns your broom into Thomas the Tank Engine.

Nicolas Cage’s paintings

With Nicolas Cage Paintings mod, you can replace all Musical Hallway paintings with images of the talented and eccentric actor, Nicolas Cage. These paintings feature memes and images from popular Nicolas Cage movies like Con Air and Vampire’s Kiss. Similarly, you can replace many of the paintings at Hogwarts with images of the iconic character Hagrid using the Hagrid Paintings mod.

The magic gun

The Magic Gun mod turns your wand into a gun. While the effect is only cosmetic, magical battles with a gun look silly. The gun model is based on modern pistols, which look quite strange in Hogwarts Legacy battles.

The flying car

An iconic scene in Harry Potter shows Harry and Ron flying over London. You can try to recreate this scene in Hogwarts Legacy with the Ford Anglia 105E mod. Using this mod, your broom transforms into a Ford Anglia 105E that you can fly while exploring the world around you.

The lightsaber and the spectre of Loki

The Lightsaber Wands mod turns your wand into a lightsaber. However, you can’t do real lightsaber battles like in Star Wars. Carrying a wand that looks like a lightsaber is definitely unique and somewhat silly. Apart from that, you can also try the Loki Scepter mod to replace your wand with Loki’s scepter from the Marvel movies.

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