Nowadays there are a series of applications that make our daily lives easy, such as utility applications that help us to improve the use of our phones. Among these we have applications called Call Announcer that will tell you in person who is calling you when you receive a call, alert you when you have new notifications and even link your messages in a voice way by telling you the sender and the content of the message and all this without you needing to touch your phone; You can be working in your kitchen while following an application of call announcer you read your Whatsapp messages received.

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Among these applications we have :

The installation procedure is simple as for any type of application, and for a good functioning the application will need authorizations.  After having assigned them you will be able to choose the applications you want to announce when it receives a message or display a notification. By default the call announcer is already configured and when you receive a call you have an announcement of the caller.  Thanks to these applications you can receive announcements on your incoming Whatsapp messages, know who send you the message, the content of the message and all other information.

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