For a few years now, social networks have favored the appearance of a new wave of even more advanced disinformation, driven by new technologies and applications that are more or less easy to use.

One of the best disinformation technics is the creation of fake conversations or faking discussions with unproven facts. This is how you can often see on social networks conversations between two people who are totally fake or inexistent. It could be in form of a WhatsApp, SMS, and Messenger discussions.

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Take the case of WhatsApp, which thanks to an app like Fake chat Maker – WhatsMock that you can download on by clicking here; you will be able to create fake conversations in an almost authentic way. After downloading the app, the installation is done in like manner as the other apps downloaded from Play Store and the home screen is quite similar to that of Normal WhatsApp. Thanks to this app, you will be able to create a fake WhatsApp contacts with fake profile pictures. Making use of this app is easy to go about for those who are verse with the normal WhatsApp.

Though it’s true that the presence of this app on Play Store is just for humor and fun, it’s equally true that tens or even thousands use it for unconventional purposes. We are all encouraged to use these new generation tools more responsibly so as to not destroy ourselves, because ecosystem full is false information is a world without landmarks. 

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