WhatsApp does not offer its users the possibility of sharing files larger than 100 MB. To remedy this situation, there are many solutions, among which is the use of a suitable application to help us share files larger than 100 MB.

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Sendanywhere is a file sharing service that is extremely simple to use, but above all, very fast. The service does not store and share it only for a limited time.

Sendanywhere offers several sharing options. The first allows you to instantly share a file that remains available for only ten minutes before being destroyed. The generated link is accompanied by a download key allowing the recipient to access the download. The second one allows you to choose a 24-hour sharing period before the shared file is permanently deleted.

Once this application is downloaded and installed on your phone, it automatically gives you access to the different files stored in your phone. You can choose any file and send it on WhatsApp.

The peculiarity of this application is that it does not upload the video directly to the WhatsApp server but either to their server or to your phone.

Sendanywhere has several key features including:

  • Transfer any type of file without altering the original
  • Transfer without using data or internet
  • Share links easily through social networks and messaging applications
  • Encrypt files

To send a file larger than 100MB on WhatsApp, you should do the following carefully:

  • Select the file or video you want to share
  • Click on send
  • Sharing the link generates the link and a security code
  • Wait for the video to finish being imported to their server
  • Copy the link from the video and send it to WhatsApp

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