With the emergence of NICTs, the mobile phone has become an indispensable device today. It is no longer only used for making calls and sending messages, but also for several activities such as: online courses, online sales and purchases, photography, texting, recording, playing games, taking and playing video. The mobile phone also acts as a radio, television, stopwatch or clock or alarm depending on the user’s preference. In addition, it allows the user to escape through social networks, as well as to explore the virtual world via the Internet: it is truly practical and simple thanks to its mobility.

But does this usefulness and importance of the mobile phone explain the damage it causes to its users?

Here is the damage to human lives caused by the permanent use of mobile phones. It is important to specify from the outset that it may not act all at once in certain cases, but that it kills slowly, a bit like a slow poison in the body of its users, in the short or long term depending on the situation. So the mobile phone can alter the physical and moral health of its user or even cause his death by the fact that it produces these ills in him:

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Nowadays, we realise that many people can no longer do without their phone, they can forget their identity card, car key etc. They can misplace their bank card or even their mobile phone. They can forget their identity card, car key, etc. They can misplace their bank card or even the key to their flat, but never their phone. This is becoming worrying, because the phone has become a kind of drug for many people.


This is the name given to the phobia of being out of contact with mobile phones, it manifests itself by a behavioural disorder of the user who becomes very anxious.


Apart from personal messages, photos, videos and so on, all our other public as well as private information is in our mobile phones; and if they are stolen, they make us extremely vulnerable to all kinds of cybercrimes, thus creating a kind of panic and depression in case of theft.


The abundance of activities carried out via the phone tires the user and weakens the immune system, whether through stress, depression, lack of sleep, cancer or any other damage it causes to the user.


It becomes very stressful for the user, not to be able to channel his energy for a good cause, because of the phone, which has become in a way like the dictator or the decision-making centre of his daily activities. The stress of fake news, shocking images and videos recorded on the phone.


The mobile phone user is so carried away by his phone, he expects to find his account at the point where he no longer thinks, he knows that there is the solution. When faced with the slightest obstacle, they go to the internet or social networks, they refuse to think about a genuine solution: in short, they become advocates of the least intellectual effort.


The range of games and distractions that mobile phones offer us is an obstacle to our development in the long run, the non-stop messages and calls disturb our sleep and keep us awake, which in the long run is harmful to our health. Man needs good moments of rest to be in good health.


The mobile phone causes psychoses such as phantom pocket vibration syndrome, which is the fact that the mobile phone user always thinks that he has a call or a message in progress that he has to check or even answer. This illusion constantly haunts him and throws him off balance.


The multiple distractions, games, not to mention the stress and depression caused by the phone cause the user to lose concentration and have a short attention span. Sometimes he is so carried away by his phone that he hardly listens to the person he is talking to.


These pains are most often felt in the neck, in the nape of the neck for those who lower their head for a long time to work on the telephone. For some people, the pain is felt in the fingers, hands, etc.


Poor lighting conditions damage the eyes and cause serious problems for the user over time.


Unlimited or long-term listening to music, receiving unlimited calls etc. damages the eardrum and causes eye problems in the mobile phone user.


Apart from physical inactivity due to the fact that mobile phones make life easier by offering us everything on the spot, certain images, videos and messages received by phone can shock the users and create cardiovascular diseases in them.


Brain cancer, the radiation emitted by mobile phones would be the cause of brain cancer, or skin cancer especially men who carry their phones in their front pockets.


Some allergies and infections are aggravated by contact with the phone. The case of the Corona virus is a good illustration, the telephone was and remains a carrier of this pandemic in case an infected patient, owner of a telephone, could transmit the disease to a relative by means of the telephone because the Corona virus takes hours on the telephone.


Weight increases because of immobility due to mobile phones, as everything is now done online: studies, shopping are done online. In addition, there is a tendency to distract oneself with the phone etc. This tendency keeps the user chained to the same place all day long: this favours excess weight because the physical effort he would have made if he did not have the phone would have allowed him to put his body in motion and lose some kilo calories.


The lack of concentration during lessons and the distractions in the school environment caused by the telephone are proven. Sometimes the learner, if not controlled, at least if he does not control himself, will almost abandon his lessons to play games and other activities offered by his mobile phone.


In some countries, where the accident rate due to making calls while driving is very high, the government has set up rules and sanctions to regulate this fact which is becoming somewhat of a social scourge. Some pedestrians cross the road carelessly because of the telephone, which holds their attention, causing serious and sometimes fatal accidents.


Many people have been assaulted solely because they had a good brand of mobile phone. An expensive phone that interested the perpetrator. Indeed, the quality or brand of the phone we have can cause us trouble and make it difficult for the perpetrator to get away.


 In the same vein as muggings, murders due to mobile phones are numerous. If a robber resists and demands our phone, the operation can end in murder, especially if the aggressor is determined or exposed, he may decide to murder the owner of the phone. In addition, many young people commit suicide on a daily basis because of the phone or indirectly because of immoral acts done through the phone that damage their reputation. They can’t stand it and commit suicide. This is also one of the damages of the telephone on the unconscious youth. We do not forget the phones that have exploded during a false manoeuvre and in an inappropriate place causing the death of the users.

To mention only this, because the mobile phone does more. It makes the user vulnerable, but does that mean it will not be used? No, because the rate of manufacture of mobile phones is increasing and people are buying them like hotcakes.

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