IPhone users have the opportunity to become spies just by using their smartphones and wireless headsets.

This spy feature is a hidden tool, accessible and very simple because in less than 30 seconds you can configure your iPhone and turn it into a spy device.

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What is the purpose of this feature?

This feature is the most shared by the TikTok community; it allows in a simple way to spy on a conversation in another room in all discretion.

It’s after posting a video on TikTok on the account of @dalilamouhib that the trick started to be known. We can thank the owner of this account for revealing this trick:

You just need an iPhone and a pair of Airpods to be able to do this trick.

This feature has caused many TikToK subscribers to lose trust in Airpods users.

The video that shows how this trick works was published in 2019 by Dalila Mouhib on Tiktok and is still up to date probably thanks to the algorithm of Tiktok.

Note also that this feature was introduced on Apple devices for accessibility purposes.


To be able to perform the trick, go to the settings of the iPhone and then click on ”control center” after clicking on it, pass the different applications added to the control center.

You will notice the absence of the program called “Audition”, add it to the list.

After adding this program, a new shortcut to “Audition” will be present in your control center and will be accessible by simply sliding your finger from the top of the phone on the right side of the screen to the bottom.

When you have connected your wireless headphones, the sounds recorded by the microphone of your iPhone will be immediately sent to your headphones when you press “Audition”.

So you can listen to all of the live recordings from one room to the other; just place your iPhone in one of the two rooms.

If you don’t have your AirPods yet, now is the time to take advantage of them.

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