Top 10 best handheld consoles in 2023

Summer holidays are in full swing and you’re probably wondering how to fill your days. A console is a sure-fire way to never get bored and dive into exciting adventures. You can slay dragons in The Legend of Zelda, breed rare species in Pokémon or play Mario kart with your friends. But first you need to choose which console will be your ally for those relaxing moments. Follow us as we take a look at the 10 best handheld consoles of the year to give you the ultimate gaming experience.

1. Asus ROG Ally

The ASUS ROG Ally is a portable gaming console running Windows 11 as its operating system and is compatible with Steam,, Epic games. Game libraries extend to cloud gaming platforms such as GeForce Now and Xbox Game Pass. The first feature that won’t go unnoticed is the super-bright widescreen display. The 7-inch IPS touchscreen is compatible with a 1920 x 1080 pixel display. It refreshes at 120Hz and is bright enough to play in the dark as well as in the sun. You won’t have any problems with fluidity, as the response time is just 7 ms.

The console features the AMD Ryzen Z1 Zen4 processor, combined with the Radeon 780M GPU. This is backed up by 16GB of DDR5 RAM and a 512GB PCIe Gen4-compatible SSD. Finally, there’s a MicroSD slot to expand the console’s storage space. Technically, you’ll be able to run games like Cyberpunk, but you’ll need to lower the specs slightly to less than 60 fps. Battery life varies according to the operating mode chosen (turbo, performance or silent). Of course, it all depends on the game, but we reckon around 1 hour of autonomy for turbo mode and 5 to 6 hours in silent mode.

2. Steam Deck

The Steam Deck portable game console is particularly popular, as it has been designed with PC gamers in mind. The console comes with the Windows operating system, so you can insert your games and continue the adventure on the move. The visible screen is a 7-inch ISP LCD with a 60 Hz refresh rate. A screen of the same size as the Asus ROG Ally, but with a lower refresh rate. Maximum screen brightness is 400 nits, for flawless visibility.

It features an AMD Zen 2 processor whose task execution frequency is capped at 3.5 GHz. On top of this, you get 16 GB of RAM, enough to handle 60% of PC games. The premium edition of the console also includes 512 GB of SSD storage using NVMe technology. You’ll also enjoy excellent sound quality from the integrated stereo speakers. A 3.5 mm headphone jack is also available for complete immersion. With Steam Deck, you can play for around 8 hours without interruption.

3. Nintendo Switch Oled

The Nintendo Switch OLED is an enhanced version of the original Nintendo Switch released in 2021. Equipped with a 7-inch OLED monitor, this model offers rich colors and high-contrast images. It features 4GB of RAM with the Tegra X1+ processor coupled with 64GB of storage. The Nintendo Switch Oled also comes with an adjustable stand, so it can easily adapt to your position when placed on a table.

In addition to the two USB ports, the Nintendo Switch Oled has an HDMI port for connecting the portable console to a TV. It also features an Ethernet port for a more stable connection for online gaming. This console provides access to an extensive library of epic games such as Mario Cart, Super Mario and The Legend Of Zelda. You can go even further with FPS games such as Final Fantasy or Fifa 23. Sound quality rivals that of the Steam Deck, giving you extra sound whether you hold it in your hand or place it on a table.

4. Nintendo Switch Lite

Launched in 2019, the Nintendo Switch Lite was initially offered in three colors: turquoise, gray and yellow. Unlike the original Switch, the console cannot be placed on a dock to play on a TV. This makes it a totally portable console that’s also compact and lightweight. The screen on this miniature model of the Nintendo Switch measures 5.5 inches, with 720P HD resolution. The Nintendo Switch Lite offers the same performance as the Switch Oled, with the exception of a longer battery life of around 30 min. However, the Lite model does not come with the HD Rumble for high resolution or the IR motion camera.

The device is designed to play only portable games from a well-stocked library of everything from adventure to educational games. The graphics architecture is managed by the Nvidia Tegra, which has 4GB of RAM at its disposal to run your favorite games. Storage is limited to 32GB, but this size is expandable by using the extra Slot. Speaking of network connectivity, the console lets you use Wifi and Bluetooth to exchange data with other devices.


From now on, all video games are at your fingertips, and the One XPlayer 1S portable game console will make your favorite adventures unique. First of all, it features an ultra-wide, high-resolution 8.4-inch screen with a 178° viewing angle. The console offers breathtaking image precision and color clarity. We’re particularly impressed by the graphics performance of this little beast. It offers an impressive combination of power: an 11th-generation Core Tiger Lake i7-1195G7 processor and an Iris Xe 96EU GPU. One thing’s for sure: virtually all games will run extremely smoothly, even the heaviest ones.

So why stay behind the screen of a gaming PC when there’s a portable console like this one? The One XPlayer 1S, equipped with two stable Japanese joysticks, has a simple, digestible design and great flexibility. Above all, don’t worry about how long you’ll be playing, because your battery has your back with a cooling system based on a fan and radiator. You’ll have 10h of autonomy on average from the 5300mAh available. The console comes with a 1TB SSD drive for storing as many games as you like. In other words, no overheating during your gaming sessions, except of course for the most demanding games.


The Razer Edge is a compact console offering a completely different approach to its competitors. It was launched earlier this year in the USA, but is not yet available in France. The console has been designed to run games primarily based on Android. So you can leave your smartphone to perform its own tasks, and play fully on your console. You can even decide to do away with the included controllers and do it Android-style, thanks to the 6.8-inch AMOLED screen. The screen is touch-sensitive with a refresh rate of 144 Hz; far superior to that of the ROG Ally.

So it’s an extremely fluid, responsive screen that lets you play your favorite, greediest fps. There’s a model with WiFi connectivity as well as one that offers connectivity to the 5G network. It’s powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon G3x Gen 1 processor, a version designed with gaming in mind. Thanks to its 8GB of RAM, the console functions much like a pocket nano PC. The term “pocket PC” also applies to the game libraries on offer. Simply put, you have access to Google Play games as well as PC and Xbox games.

7. Logitech G Cloud

As you’ll have gathered from its name, the Logitech G Cloud is a game console that lets you play games hosted in the cloud. The main game libraries are those of Xbox and Nvidia, which are packed with games. The device takes advantage of Xbox and Nvidia technologies and features to deliver a console experience as incredible as on a PC. It features a 7-inch LCD screen with 1920 x 1080 Full HD resolution. Maximum screen brightness is 450 nits, refreshed at 60 Hz. These are pleasant features for less demanding games, but rather limited for hellish strikes on Call of Duty.

Tasks are performed by the Snapdragon 720G chip, which boasts 64 GB of internal storage. Should storage be limited to your liking, you can expand it using the available SD card slot. The console also offers good sound quality thanks to two stereo speakers. The 3.5 mm jack can immerse you in the game with your headphones. As for the battery, it’s a solid performer, with a 12-hour non-stop autonomy.


Blaze Entertainment’s latest release is an improved version of the original Evercade: Evercade EXP. It offers many new features compared to the original console. The EXP has extra buttons and a more ergonomic layout. It has the same screen size as the Evercade, but with higher resolution. It can be connected to a TV via the mini HDMI port, and offers 4 GB of RAM as well as a Wi-Fi connection for software updates. Its battery lasts up to 5 hours. The console’s design is reminiscent of Sony’s PSP, and it is available in white. An all-black version limited to 5,000 units is also available.

9. Nintendo New 3DS XL

Discover a whole new dimension in gaming with the Nintendo New 3DS XL: Compared to its predecessor, this new version stands out for its larger size. The screen measures 4.88 inches, a few pixels more for a sharper display. It’s also heavier, weighing in at 336 grams versus 235 grams for the 3DS. Unlike its predecessors, the console can run for up to 6h30 on 3D games and up to 10h on classic games. To reduce energy consumption, this version features automatic brightness adjustment.

The 3DS Xl’s 3D system has been redesigned in this new version to deliver a better experience. The additional stabilized 3D effect greatly enhances the immersion of the video game you’re playing. The processor has also been improved, enabling the new processor to deliver better performance in both the gaming and graphics sections. Given that the console is primarily based on 2D and 3D games, 4GB of storage is provided. If this doesn’t suit you, you can change the SD card for more space. In terms of connectivity, Wifi can be used in a 2.4GHz band.

10. Anbernic RG503

The RG503 is Anbernic’s first retrogaming console to feature an RK3566 processor. Its performance has been improved since earlier versions. It comes with the quad-core RK3566 processor that executes tasks at a maximum frequency of 1.8 GHz. It has 2 GB of RAM to handle the tasks of a 16 GB operating system on 512 GB of storage. The console uses a linux system to run games, with interface emulators to dress it all up. This is the main reason why the system takes up so much space. The console’s main asset is its screen: a 4.95-inch OLED display with 960×544 resolution. This is the same screen used on Sony’s Playstation Vita.

If there’s one thing we can concede to this console, it’s that image quality isn’t bad. Especially when you remember the renderings of the games you had in the arcade a few years ago. Despite its size, the console boasts a 3500 mAh battery capable of delivering up to 6 hours of continuous play. Sound quality seems beyond reproach, and is second to none. In fact, the Anbernic RG503 comes with stereo speakers that deliver good sound. A jack socket is also provided for headphones if you’re in a public place.

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