Today, tablets have become essential tools for many users, whether for work, leisure or daily activities. Two of the latest options on the market are the Redmi Pad SE and Galaxy Tab S9 FE, both of which offer sleek designs and great features. In this article, we are going to compare these two tablets so that each of you can choose the one that best suits your needs and budget.

Strong points
Redmi Pad SEGalaxy Tab S9 FE
LighterIP68 certification
Affordable costBetter resolution screen
 Selfie best
 More efficient
 Faster wired charging

Conception and design

Both the Redmi Pad SE and Galaxy Tab S9 FE feature a sleek design with a glass front, aluminum back, and aluminum frame, giving them a sophisticated and modern look.

The Redmi Pad SE measures 255.5 x 167.1 x 7.4mm and weighs 478g, while the Galaxy Tab S9 FE has slightly smaller dimensions of 254.3 x 165.8 x 6.5mm and a weight of 523 g or 524 g. The Redmi Pad SE is lighter and therefore more comfortable to handle, but the Galaxy Tab S9 FE is slightly thinner.

The Redmi Pad SE comes in three attractive colors – Lavender Purple, Graphite Gray and Mint Green. But the Galaxy Tab S9 FE available in four colors Mint, Silver, Gray, Lavender thus offering a wider variety of aesthetic choices. The Galaxy Tab S9 FE comes with an IP68 certification, making it dust and water resistant up to 1.5 meters for 30 minutes, making it an ideal companion for outdoor use.


The two tablets have screens of approximately equal sizes: 11 inches for the Redmi Pad SE and 10.9 inches for the Galaxy Tab S9 FE. However, the latter’s screen has a better resolution of 1440 x 2304 pixels, while the Pad SE’s screen offers a resolution of 1200 x 1920 pixels. Both screens refresh at a frequency of 90 Hz.

Both tablets offer screens of almost similar quality, thus producing sharp images, vibrant colors and enabling a smooth viewing experience, whether watching movies, playing games or working on professional tasks.


The Redmi Pad SE and Galaxy Tab S9 FE each feature an 8 MP main camera offering the same quality image and video capturing capabilities. On the other hand, the Pad SE sports a 5 MP selfie sensor, weaker than the 12 MP selfie sensor of the Tab S9 FE. With the latter, users can capture more precious moments and participate in sharper and clearer video calls.


The Redmi Pad SE is equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 680 4G chipset and an Adreno 610 GPU. Nanoreview gives it a score of 32 compared to 50 for the Exynos 1380 (5 nm) chipset that powers the Galaxy Tab S9 FE. The latter, which combines the Mali-G68 MP5 GPU with its chipset, is therefore more powerful and more efficient for a smoother and more responsive multitasking experience.

Additionally, with internal memory options of up to 256GB paired with 8GB of RAM, the Galaxy Tab S9 FE offers even more storage space for users’ favorite files, apps, and media. Indeed, the Redmi Pad SE only offers up to 128 GB of storage associated with 8 GB of RAM. However, the storage of both tablets is expandable with a microSDXC card.


The Redmi Pad SE and Galaxy Tab S9 FE are powered by 8000 mAh Li-Po batteries, providing long-lasting battery life for continuous use. Users can therefore enjoy their tablets for long periods of time without having to worry about frequent recharging. But the Galaxy Tab S9 FE is compatible with 45W wired charging, which can replenish the battery four times faster than the 10W Pad SE.

Availability and price                                                                     

The Redmi Pad SE was announced in August 2023 and is now available in the market. With a price of around 200 euros. It is more affordable than the Galaxy Tab S9 FE which costs around 530 euros, available on the market since October 16, 2023.

Which between Redmi Pad SE and Galaxy Tab S9 FE is best for you?

The Redmi Pad SE, which offers excellent value for money, is an attractive option for users looking for a high-performance tablet without spending a significant amount of money. But, despite its higher price, the Galaxy Tab S9 FE offers premium features and superior build quality, making it an attractive choice for users looking for a premium tablet.

Weak points
Redmi Pad SEGalaxy Tab S9 FE
Limited technology screenHeavier
Lower resolution screenExpensive
Limited selfie 
Less efficient 
Slow wired charging 

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