We have all at some point maintained a flooded inbox with new and unwanted promotions. If this is the case with almost everyone, today we are going to show you a trick to know exactly all the sites on which our email address are registered as well as the comment to disconnect instantly from all these sites. Whether we watch it or not, sometimes we are forced to subscribe of certain websites in order to be able to take advantage of the services they provide.

But very often, these services are only useful once or within a certain time frame; and unfortunately we forget to unsubscribe after using the service and after one or two years, we find ourselves on many platforms. And in the end, we receive unwanted emails, which do not interest us and which unnecessarily overload our email address. This is how to the reason why it is  of prime importance to now the sites you are registered on to be able to choose those you no longer have need of and as well as the historic record from each mail in particular.

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To do this, we would prefer you go the saymineapp site which is a secured platform that can give you an overview of all the sites on which your email is currently registered, while offering you the possibility to instantly unsubscribe from these platforms. On saymineapp, you will be able to see the level of risk of sharing personal data for each of the platforms. And if you spot a site from which you no longer want to receive newsletters, you can simply send a request for the authentic deletion of the data collected by these sites.

The site is free to use, you not register on the platform with yoke email address. The list of sites on which your email is registered will be displayed with the level of risk. You can decide to consult all the activities of a site with your email address and to delete the subscription if you wish.

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