This tip can be blocked overnight, it was made to raise awareness and also for information purposes, mainly on the vulnerabilities of MTN Cameroon.

The advent of digital technology has propelled us into a whole new era; and once you’ve tasted it, you can’t live without it. Far be it from me to tell you long stories about the digital world and the many benefits of the internet, or even its drawbacks.

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If it is true that having a connection seems to be within everyone’s reach, the fact remains that in reality subscribing to a daily or monthly package is a real utopia for many people, especially for young people, pupils and students.

Every day, we see them looking for parallel networks everywhere that will help them surf the web without spending a single franc; freesurfing (free internet) is a way for a large part of the lower classes to join this era; and it is not only for the poor, some so-called “Bohboh” who can afford data without it really affecting their pockets are even the most interested in free surfing methods. So to be rich you have to spend a little.

Faced with this boom in free surfing techniques, there are very few solutions that work, and the few that do work are often within a very specific time frame; the slowness of some leaves much to be desired. It is not easy to find a method that provides free Internet, especially if it has to be fast and non-stop.

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Who can benefit?

While some people find free Internet solutions that work well (fast and unlimited), most offer them for a fee. We offer this solution for free.

And for it to work, you simply have to follow the instructions to the letter until the end. It is important to note that this tip will only work for MTN Cameroon subscribers

How is this possible?

Free Internet is a cyber-initiative that aims to allow people to connect to the Internet without paying fees (mobile data) using protocols.

For this to work, it is necessary to bypass the firewall restrictions put in place by the ISPs. So there are many ways to connect to the internet for free.

In fact it is the network vulnerabilities that are exploited on both sides to make all this effective; it is the setting of these (network ports and others) that will allow us to access the internet.

How do I do it?

To be able to surf for free with this free Internet tip, we will use the most recent version of the HTTP Injector application. It goes without saying that as we will be working with the ISP MTN Cameroon, you will need an MTN SIM card (chip) without internet data.

Step 1: Download HTTP Injector by clicking on the link below

Click here to download HTTP Injector

Step 2: Open HTTP Injector and click on the document icon at the top right just before the three vertically aligned dots. It will be hard to miss, the image below helps you to recognise it.

source : GB00TECH

Step 3: Select “Import Config” as shown in the image below, to import the necessary configuration

source : GB00TECH

Step 4: Locate the configuration to download by clicking on the link below, you will find it in the Download folder of your terminal, click on it. This will import it directly into the application.

Click here to download the configuration

source GB00TECH

Step 5: Before continuing, activate the mobile data (Internet connection) on your smartphone, then in the application, click on the START button to connect. To stop, simply click on STOP.

source GB00TECH

The configuration is named MTN Config by AT. You have to make sure you confirm its configuration for everything to work.

To see the status of the connection, click on “Log”.

source : GB00TECH
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And that was it!

Source : GB00TECH

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