The Poco F3 phone from Xiaomi’s Poco sub-brand caused a stir when it was introduced to the market, and continues to do so today thanks to its superb specs and features packed into a very affordable price.

The now considered one of the best mid-range smartphones that tickles even high-end devices is an excellent deal if you are looking for a smartphone that is very durable and also efficient in all areas.

Although it is exceptional, it happens that users encounter problems when using it. This article is therefore a guide to help solve the problems you may encounter on the Xiaomi Poco F3.

Here you will find all the problems encountered on Xiaomi’s Poco F3 smartphone as well as how to try to solve them.

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Problems encountered on the Xiaomi Poco F3 and their solutions

How to fix Poco F3 battery draining fast

The Poco F3 smartphone is a very durable smartphone, but it can happen that yours discharges quickly, and even if it has a good fast charge, it is not always easy to recharge the phone at all times, and if you are in an area without electricity when its battery is empty, everything then becomes infinitely more complicated.

To ensure you have the best possible battery life on your Poco F3 and achieve a minimum of 110 hours of battery life for one charge, we advise you to follow the following steps:

  • Absolutely avoid using applications that are supposed to increase your battery life on your Poco F3: if you have a similar application on your phone, uninstall it. These applications themselves require energy to operate and very often worsen the situation.
  • Remember to deactivate the GPS when you are not using it, do the same for the NFC, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi functionalities
  • Get into the habit of closing apps that you don’t use, because when they’re open, even in the background, they continue to consume energy.
  • Do not use high brightness settings at any time. Continuous use of high brightness significantly decreases the battery life of the Poco F3.
  • The same thing will happen if you leave your phone in power saving mode for a long time. This mode was not designed for continuous use, if that were the case its existence would be useless because the manufacturer would have delivered the phone with the functionality already implemented.
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The Poco F3 has become slow and the user interface crashes

A phone that crashes or runs slowly has now become pretty much an intangible across all brands, so don’t be surprised if it happens on the Poco F3.

If your Poco F3 suddenly starts to roll, or the screen freezes/freezes/freezes, you should perform the following actions to speed it up and make it more lively and fluid:

  • Close background apps to free up RAM memory
  • If your internal storage is already full, empty your memory by moving your files and delete files that you no longer need.
  • If you have installed a performance optimization/antivirus cleaning application, especially one from unknown sources, you should uninstall it. Applications downloaded outside the Play Store often contain viruses that affect the functioning of your device. In addition, this type of application runs continuously in the background and uses resources that could be allocated to more important tasks for you.
  • If you have apps like Facebook, Messenger or YouTube, opt for the Lite versions instead: Facebook Lite, Twitter Lite, YouTube Go. And if you don’t use an app, uninstall it.
  • The Poco F3 has become slow after the update of the operating system? If so, be patient and check for an update patch. When the patch is available, update your system again. While it is true that updating your device is generally the right thing to do, know that you usually have to wait a bit and do your research to find out if the version you are going to download and install is stable.
  • If it is a particular application that is crashing or no longer working properly, go to the settings, at the Application Manager level, select the application and empty the cache.

  If after that the Poco F3 screen still freezes when you open this application, you must update the application, and if it still persists force stop the application and uninstall it.

Fix the network or mobile data problem on the Poco F3

On the Poco F3 as on all phones, the cellular network or mobile data may be subject to instabilities or malfunctions. If your Poco F3 loses the Network or you cannot use mobile data despite having network bars, we suggest that you:

  • Check if the area where you are is covered by your telephone operator,
  • Remove your SIM card from your Poco F3, wait five to ten seconds and insert the SIM into the device again,
  • If you still cannot get a network or the mobile data still does not work, activate Airplane mode for about thirty seconds then deactivate again,
  • In case of recurrence, we advise you to restore the network settings of the phone to the factory state
  • Sometimes a simple restart of the Poco F3 is enough to solve network problems.

Poco F3 turns off unexpectedly how to fix

The sudden shutdown of a Poco F3 phone rarely happens, but when it does it is better to know what to do quickly, and do something to prevent it from happening again. This sudden phone shutdown problem is common to all Androids, but we pretty much know how to fix it.

Fix Poco F3 crashing issue

  The main cause of a phone suddenly shutting down, and in this case the Poco F3, is the phone overheating. If you want to avoid overheating on your device, follow the instructions below.

Solve the heating problem on the Poco F3

You have noticed a heating problem on your Poco F3, don’t worry too much, this is a common problem with electronic devices. This usually occurs either because of the processor or chipset of the device or even because of its battery.

To solve the heating problem on a phone and on the Poco F3 in particular, or even anticipate this problem and avoid it, you must:

  • Avoid playing games on the phone while charging the Poco F3, as this would charge and discharge the device at the same time. Such a practice damages the battery and shortens its life. Also playing while charging weakens the resistance of the battery.

When you play on a device, it is common to notice a slight heating if you combine this with fast charging which often also causes the phone to heat up. The cooling system of the Poco F3 having therefore lost power will no longer do its job properly and will expose the Poco F3 to heating.

  • Third-party apps downloaded outside of the Play Store can also cause this problem, so be careful of apps from unknown sources.
  • Avoid using too many applications at the same time, application overload or too many running tasks lead to phone heating problems.
  • Use an original charger to charge your Poco F3
  • Disable mobile data, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS… when you don’t find it useful.
  • It may seem banal and crazy, but we advise you to remove the Poco F3 phone case while charging: the protective case not the Poco F3 case.
  • Favor the use of a light but solid protective case, which does not retain heat on the back of the phone

Fix Poco F3 Bluetooth Not Working Issue

Don’t worry about a Bluetooth issue, pairing and connection issues are common and we know how to fix them. To fix Bluetooth not working on Poco F3, we recommend some practical solutions.

Solution to Bluetooth not working problem

If Bluetooth is activated on your Poco F3, but you cannot pair it with another device, deactivate them for 5 to 10 seconds then reactivate it. The problem could be solved just as simply. This is why it should not be left activated for a long time unnecessarily.

If your device does not connect to any other particular device, but does connect to other devices, you need to check if both devices are indeed using the same Bluetooth standard. It may even be the second device that has a problem and not your Xiaomi Poco F3.

You can also restart your Poco F3 phone to fix the Bluetooth problem. This method also works. If after these checks and attempts, the Poco F3 still does not connect via Bluetooth to another device, you must reset the Network settings of the Poco F3, and as a last resort, as an ultimate solution, you must reset the Xiaomi Poco F3 to its factory values.

Unable to download apps from the Play Store on the Poco F3

The Play Store is also sometimes the subject of a few phone complaints, and with the Poco F3, it’s most often an outdated version of the Play Store or a new unstable update that’s causing the problem. The applications downloaded there are not the only ones that require updates, the Google services linked to the Play Store also need them.

The fact that the Play Store is not up to date or the presence of a new update, are the most obvious reasons related to the impossibility of downloading an application. So if you are having a problem downloading an application from the Play Store and you have taken a long time without updating Google Play Services, well now is the time to fix it.

If, on the other hand, you have recently installed a new update and since then you have not been able to download applications, it would be wise for your Poco F3 to delete the last update installed and empty the cache of the phone.

To clear the Cache of the Play Store application on the Poco F3:

  • Go to the settings of the Poco F3
  • Then go to App Manager
  • Select Google Play Store
  • Empty the cache

Xiaomi’s Poco F3 phone is an exceptionally powerful and durable device, but like all electronic devices, it can sometimes cause you some problems. Above we have presented you with all the common problems encountered on the Poco F3 along with possible solutions.

If, however, you do not find a solution to your problem in our Xiaomi Poco F3 problem solving guide, we invite you to leave us a comment describing; the problem in question. This might help other people and we’d love to help you solve this one.

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