Whether it’s an Android or an IPhone, there are a few solutions to put an end to this disorder. It’s a strange feeling; your phone is quietly put down but starts making weird noise. Sometimes it beeps and other times, it makes sound you can’t seem to understand where it’s coming from. Here are the cause and solutions.

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Why is my phone beeping and making weird noise?

Your phone surely has network disorder. While searching the network, it might make strange sounds similar to network transmission sounds. Are you sitting close to devices which emit waves? , Likes of antennas, modems, router etc. move around to see if the sound stops.

It could as well be a software problem. Is your operating system up to date? Have you recently installed an app? It’s even more common on high end android phones. They receive software updates very often, which explains the frequent bugs and suspicious noise.

The worst case is when your smartphone has a hard ware problem. In this case, you are required to contact your suppliers support or take it to a nearby repairer. Often, the speaker or microphones are the culprits.

There is a fifth reason why your phone may beep: if your phone line is tapped, then it may sometimes beep during calls. Likewise, if you have a spy app on the phone, its activity could cause weird sounds to be emitted.  What can I do to make my phone stop the unnecessary beeping or making sound son its own?

1. Configure your notifications correctly

Phone beeps

 Let’s start by looking at notification settings. On some iPhones and Android pones, you can enable notifications while disabling the on-screen notification. In this way, the notification will produce a sound, but nothing will be displayed. So open settings and go to Notifications. Check if there is a Setting to enable only notification sound.

2. Close all apps one after the other and isolate the beeping one.

Another solution is to close all the apps on your phone one by one until the sound stops. So, if you close an app and the sound stops, you will therefore know that that’s the app responsible for the unusual. Start with browsers (chrome, Safari etc.) then music and video players, followed by alarm and other planning software.

Many users have indicated that their phones keep beeping unnecessarily when they use apps like CHIVE, BaconReader, TutuApp, TMZ and many more.  

3. Update your phone

Have you updated your phone? Updating a device has many benefits. You should update your Android or iPhone especially if the noise is constant.

4. Factory reset your phone.

This is the most drastic solution. It has the good taste to solve all the software problems of a phone. But only that, it will delete all your data at the same time. This is the reason why you have to copy them to an external medium or make backups to iCloud or Google Drive.

To rest to factory settings:

  • Put the device on charge>system> reset options.
  • Tap erase all data
  • Then your phone will ask you for a PIN code; enter it.
  • Tap clear all data again to confirm your decision. The procedure may change slightly but basically it’s the same on an Android phones.

If you are on an iPhone:

  •  Put the iPhone on charge
  • Open settings> general. Scroll down the menu and tap Reset.
  • Select Erase All Content and Settings.
  • If you have an iCloud back up, the phone will ask you if you want to update the back up or delete it immediately. You will have to decide if it is worth deleting precious photos and messages

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