Are you passionate about mobile gaming and looking for a high-performance smartphone that can meet all your expectations? Then the Honor 100 Pro is for you. With its 6.78-inch OLED screen, you’ll enjoy exceptional display quality for an immersive gaming experience.

Elegant, ergonomic design:

With dimensions of 163.7 x 74.7 x 8.2 mm (or 8.5 mm) and a weight of just 195 g, the Honor 100 Pro offers a perfect balance between a generous screen and ergonomic design. The thinness of the phone adds a touch of sophistication, while the light weight ensures a comfortable grip.

Dazzling View:

The Honor 100 Pro’s screen is a true work of art, with vibrant colours thanks to its extended palette of 1 billion colours (1B). The 120Hz refresh rate ensures smooth movement and exceptional responsiveness, ideal for gaming and browsing. With HDR support and a maximum peak brightness of 2,600 nits, every detail is accentuated for a stunning visual experience.

Peak Resolution:

The Honor 100 Pro offers an exceptional resolution of 1224 x 2700 pixels, reaching a density of approximately 437 pixels per inch (ppi). This exceptional clarity ensures sharp images and chiseled text, making every use an immersive visual experience.

Cutting-edge gaming performance:

The real strength of this smartphone lies in its cutting-edge Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor, which is designed to deliver extreme performance, ensuring unprecedented smoothness during your gaming sessions. Whether you’re playing graphically demanding games or multitasking, the Honor 100 Pro will never let you down.

Honor 100 Pro camera:

The Honor 100 Pro retains the powerful camera setup of the base model, with a 50MP main sensor and a 12MP ultra-wide lens. However, it goes one step further by incorporating a third 32MP camera, offering incredible zoom of up to 50x. Thanks to OIS technology, video recordings are smooth and images are stable.

Fast charging and battery :

When it comes to battery life, the Honor 100 Pro packs a 5,000mAh battery to ensure you can use it for longer without having to worry about recharging frequently. What’s more, with 100W fast charging, you can recharge your phone in record time. And if you prefer wireless charging, the Honor 100 Pro also offers 66W charging, enough to go from 0 to 100% in just 42 minutes.

Innovation in Cooling:

Honor not only makes the Honor 100 Pro shine with its performance, but also with innovative features. The VC cooling solution provides efficient heat dissipation, even during intensive use. What’s more, the phone is equipped with Bluetooth 5.3, Wi-Fi 6 and the RF C1 chip for optimum connectivity.

Exclusive Features and Advanced Connectivity:

In addition to its exclusive features, the Honor 100 Pro offers Bluetooth 5.3, Wi-Fi 6, the C1 RF chip and Magic OS 7.2. These features provide fast and stable connectivity for today’s needs.

Customisation options and availability:

The Honor 100 Pro is available in four colours: black, blue, purple and white. The purple and white colours offer a leatherette texture on the back, adding a touch of elegance to the phone’s design. Prices start from CNY 3,399 ($480) for the 12/256GB model and CNY 4,399 ($620) for the 16GB/1TB variant, available only in purple and white.

With industry-leading performance, advanced photography and innovative features, the Honor 100 Pro is a must-have choice for discerning users. Explore the new benchmark in smartphones now.

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