Nowadays, security applications are swarming in the Play Store, offering more and more advanced security options, but still with major flaws. Thus, among these applications we have those that allow us to secure access to applications that we wish to make private on our phone. These give us the possibility of creating a password that will be requested when opening a given application. But the Android system has many flaws and weaknesses, so this security option is very easy to bypass. 

Indeed to be able to bypass this security of applications like Applock, we can proceed in several ways which are:

Delete browsing history and free up RAM space

On some phones and for some security applications, a simple reset of the browsing history would stop it from working. The button to display the browsing history differs between phones; on some phones you need to hold down the middle button of your phone and on others you need to hold down the button on the left or right side of the screen, and then to clear it you just need to click on the clean button which is most often represented by a balloon icon.

Restart the phone

If the top option doesn’t work you can always reboot the phone afterwards which will restart the phone with the last launched applications and as you had earlier cleared the history, the security application will not be launched and you will be able to access the desired application without having to enter a code word.

Install a “service killer”

In case both methods do not work, you can install a service or task management application such as the “Advanced Task Manager” application which allows you to view all the applications running on your phone and gives you the option to stop or uninstall the applications.

Restart the phone in safe mode

Now if you’ve tried all three of the above techniques and it didn’t work, there is this last method “the sheriff’s bullet” which is 99.9% sure to work. Indeed, by restarting your phone in safe mode you start it with the basic services and applications and all other applications are on standby and this way you can access any other application without any code hassle. I will show you how to restart your phone in safe mode in another article to explain in detail how to do it.

As always, here’s the video explaining all the gibberish I wrote with all the details and demonstrations. And on that note my dear friends, I’ll see you soon.

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