Factory reset of an Android device is sometimes unavoidable, whether to resolve technical problems or to prepare the phone for new use. However, once this step has been taken, data recovery can seem a complex task. In this article, we’ll explore the challenges of recovering data after a factory reset and potential methods for restoring your valuable information.

Android encryption and security:

When you reset your phone, the encryption key associated with your password is automatically reset, making your data virtually unreadable. Android uses standard AES-256 encryption, a robust technology that remains intact to this day. Although savvy hackers can extract files, the encryption makes them impossible to read.

Data Recovery Tools :

Specialized tools such as Cellebrite, used by security agencies and governments, are capable of breaking through your phone’s security barriers. Cellebrite claims to access BFU and AFU modes, decrypt third-party data, and extract the phone’s complete file system for in-depth analysis. This level of expertise can potentially include generating decryption keys for existing data.

Important considerations :

For most users, a standard system reset should suffice. Advanced exploits such as those used by Cellebrite are generally reserved for situations where maximum security is crucial. In most cases, the average citizen need not fear these levels of intrusion.

Accessible recovery methods :

Prior Backups: Before resetting your device, make sure you regularly back up your data on secure platforms such as Google Drive.

Data Recovery Software: Some third-party tools, such as Dr.Fone, can help recover data after a factory reset. These programs can scan the phone for lost files.

Professional services: If the above methods fail to deliver the desired results, professional data recovery services can be considered.


Factory reset of an Android device does not necessarily mean total data loss. Although recovery can be complex, especially with modern security defenses, there are accessible solutions to restore your information. By taking precautions and exploring the options available, you can minimize the risk of data loss during a factory reset.

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