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TakeTako: the app that’s revolutionizing travel in Cameroon

TakeTako is an application developed by TakeTako SAS, an innovative transport technology start-up. The TakeTako app was born out of the realization that there are many problems with digital and non-digital transport solutions in Africa. It aims to significantly reinvent the way people get around on a daily basis.

Whether it’s to get to work, to class or for a walk, users are generally forced to cope with long queues lasting dozens and dozens of minutes, or even hours in some cases. What’s more, for those wishing to travel from one city to another, they are also more often than not faced with long queues at travel agencies. The TakeTako application was therefore born with a view to solving these problems.

The TakeTako mobile app is emerging as an innovative solution to the changing needs of citizens and road transport service providers or professionals. On the TakeTako app, users can now easily book their journey in just a few clicks, choose their preferred vehicle type and even personalize their transport experience. The app also offers a range of services, including carpooling, cab booking and bus ticketing, providing a complete solution for all travel needs.

Making travel easier with TakeTako: reinventing your transport experience in Africa

“TakeTako responds to the emerging needs of African companies with a solution adapted to existing markets”.

The advent of digital technology and the widespread use of smartphones have created a pressing demand for practical, efficient travel solutions. TakeTako has been designed with this in mind, to facilitate online travel and bookings, while offering a complete and personalized transport experience.

How will the TakeTako app change the way you get around?

TakeTako is an application designed for the people of Africa, and the features available on the application have been developed to meet the real needs of users (passengers and carriers).

TakeTako is committed to revolutionizing the travel experience by connecting passengers with key players in the transport sector in African countries. Whether you need a VTC for an urgent meeting, a cab for a night out with friends, or a bus ticket for long-distance travel, TakeTako simplifies every step of the process.

The aim of this application is clear: to simplify and make transparent the booking process, while offering a variety of options to meet your specific needs. With a centralized and intuitive platform, booking bus tickets online becomes a breeze.

TakeTako goes one step further, offering you the possibility of ordering VTC rides reliably and securely. You can put an end to long waits and uncertainty about the vehicle’s arrival. With TakeTako, you can plan your journey with complete peace of mind, knowing that your driver will arrive on time and that the fare is fair and transparent. You’ll also be able to see from the app where the vehicle is and its progress to your starting point.

TakeTako doesn’t stop there: the app also makes it easy to order cab and car-sharing rides in real time. If you need immediate transportation, simply log on to the platform, enter your destination and your request will instantly be displayed to available drivers nearby, enabling you to get around quickly and safely.

Another key feature of the TakeTako app is that it gives passengers and drivers the power to set the price of the ride, ensuring a fair and transparent relationship between the two parties.

Key TakeTako features

TakeTako offers a full range of features:

  • Order and book VTC rides with advanced search criteria, integrated protection systems and a secure payment process.
  • Real-time cab and car-sharing booking, with trip tracking and estimated arrival time.
  • Cab fare payment via TakeTako Pay.
  • Real-time tracking of bookings and journeys, giving you complete visibility of your trips.
  • Bus ticket booking with price and availability comparison options.
  • Carpooling between platform users.
  • Customer service available 24/7 to answer users’ questions, requests for assistance and complaints.

Who can use the TakeTako application?

Well, it’s quite simple: anyone can use the TakeTako app, but you’ll need an Android phone or iPhone to install it. As the app’s features suggest, TakeTako is designed for transport professionals of all kinds, and for people wishing to get from one point to another.

Of course, transportation professionals here refer to cab drivers, private chauffeurs who need a second source of income or who are simply looking to make their fuel consumption more profitable when traveling with their vehicles; vehicle rental agencies and travel agencies.

How do I get the TakeTako application?

The TakeTako app is available on the App Store for Apple device users, and on the Play Store for Android device users. You can download the application by clicking on the download button below corresponding to your device.

All in all, TakeTako represents a revolution in travel in Africa. By unifying transport services under a single, user-friendly and secure platform, the app gives users the freedom to travel according to their needs, while offering transport operators an efficient way to connect with their customers. With TakeTako, the future of travel in Africa is already here, starting with Cameroon.

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