Mostly external hard drives tends to be effective in keeping our files; however generally it happens that it meets many challenges prohibiting you from exploiting them to their fullest.

In order to face this difficulties, we prepared for you here a compilation of the worst problems faced while using the worst external hard drive problems and their solutions

The worst external hard drive problems

Here is a summary on the worst external hard drive problems being classified under 2 categories; which are:

Physical failures or problems of external hard drives

In this category the problems below where designed as being the worst:

  • The hard drive isn’t recognized by the computer.
  • The hard drive transfers files slower than usual.
  • Melody sound alike to that of an iron sound.
  • Vibration when being use.

Mostly referred to as hard drive crashes, physical failures are generally harder to solve cause they are likely to make the hard drive dysfunctional; generally effected by an electronic or a mechanic failure of numerous compartments of the hard disk; or even both simultaneously. Next to these we have the logical breakdown issues.

Problems or logical failures of external hard drives

Divided into two categories they are generally confused, these are:

  • The presence of defective partitions.
  • Corrupted file system.
  • Files and data being deleted on their own or the hard drive that is formatted on its own.
  • The disappearance of one or more partitions
  • Virus presence.

Below are remedies or solutions in order to overcome this issues of external hard drives.

How to solve problems with external hard drives

Solutions to the physical failure of the external hard drives

Since the physical problems results from electronic or mechanic defaults, to an extend both, solutions varies thus in function of the situation your faced with.  Electronic default are generally caused by electronic shocks during spike voltage, which under most circumstances damages the integrated circuits of the external hard drive.

Once reassured that it’s an electronic default the solution here is to change the electronic card of the hard drive and collect its information. If you are an expert in electronic circuits and data recovery, can do so yourself; failing that, please get in touch with a specialist, so far they are the best qualified for this task.

Regarding the mechanical breakdowns, these might result from the reading head’s crash  which have damaged the magnetic surface of the disk, physical deformation of the disks, a shock, or even the motor of the hard drive be damaged. In this case, you just need to replace one of these parts to overcome the problem. Now let’s talk about logic failures.

Solutions to logical failures of external hard drives

These one are less harmless/dangerous than the physical breakdowns. Generally resulting from manipulation/ handling errors which lead to files suppression in an involuntarily manner, the download of an infected file on the net corrupting your hard drive, whereas the difference here is that the hard drive isn’t physically damaged.

 A simple hard drive formatting or space reallocation of the damaged partition solves the problem. To format your hard drive, Connect it to your PC > right click on your hard drive> Format and wait. For space reallocation, Open Disk Manager > choose your disk > Right click on the damaged partition > delete partition. Once the partition is deleted, recreate the partition again.

Worst scenario, the most suitable solution is to use defective hard drive recovery software such as recover, Ease US Data Recovery Wizard; some of these software are paid, thus, you’ll have to pay for the features that might help you.

Having gone through the worst external hard drive problems and related solutions, I believe that if you ever face a problem with your external hard drive again, you will know what to do. Thanks for reading, stay tuned to our website for even more useful and interesting articles.

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