Common Galaxy Tab A9 and Tab A9+ problems and how to fix them

The Galaxy Tab A9 and Galaxy Tab A9+ are two of the latest affordable tablets from the Samsung brand. Although affordable, these tablets are sufficiently capable devices. That said, you may have a bad user experience if your Galaxy Tab A9 or Tab A9+ tablet is malfunctioning.

The problems on the Samsung Galaxy Tab A9 and Tab A9+ can be diverse and in this Galaxy Tab A9 and Tab A9+ repair guide we will discuss potential solutions to different cases? That said, if you cannot find your problem or the solution to your bug, do not hesitate, leave us a message in the comments, we will be happy to find a solution to your problem.

How to make your Galaxy Tab A9 tablet faster?

If you have noticed that your Galaxy Tab A9 or Galaxy Tab A9+ tablet is no longer going as fast as before and has started to lag, we advise you to try the following solutions to try to make your Tab A9 faster, or at least faster. its original execution speed.

  • Restart the tablet
  • Clean your tablet of unnecessary apps: Running apps in the background is usually the cause of slow device issues. We therefore suggest that you close applications that you do not need when performing certain tasks. Also deleting those that you do not use frequently is strongly recommended.
  • Clear the cache of applications installed on your tablet, at least that of the most used applications. To do this, enter the settings of your Galaxy Tab A9, in the Applications section, open the relevant application and go to storage, then clear the Memory cache.
  • Update apps and your tablet. It’s not just enough to update your apps often, if your Android One UI system is not up to date, it can easily cause the tablet to slow down.
  • Check the applications installed on your Tab A9, the presence of a malicious application can also explain the slowness of the device.

Fix Galaxy Tab A9 that won’t turn on or restarts by itself

Here’s what you should do if your Samsung Galaxy Tab A9 or Galaxy Tab A9+ won’t turn on or restarts by itself:

  • Make sure the tablet has sufficient charge by connecting it to a charger for a while.
  • Perform a force restart: Press and hold the Volume Down and Power buttons simultaneously for about 10 seconds to force restart the device.
  • Check the condition of the charger, the cable and the tablet’s charging port.
  • If after previous attempts the tablet still restarts on its own or fails to turn on, we suggest that you contact a repairer or Samsung support service so that they can remove and test the battery. If the battery is defective, you will need to have it changed.
  • The other way to fix the problem is to return the tablet to its factory state by performing a reset.

Solve connection problems on your Samsung Galaxy Tab A9

To resolve connection problems on your Tab A9 or Tab A9+, the following solutions should be considered:

  • Check that the Wi-Fi network to which you are connected has internet access;
  • If you notice that another device connected to the same Wi-Fi network is accessing the internet, we advise you to restart the internet access point (router or modem) and remove the Wi-Fi on your tablet. Once done, restart your tablet and try to connect again.
  • Update your tablet.
  • If, despite everything, the problem persists, the solution here is to reset your network settings.

Fix Galaxy Tab A9 that drains quickly

When a device like the Samsung Galaxy Tab A9 tablet or its brother Galaxy Tab A9+ discharges faster than normal, it is recommended to practice the following tips to optimize the operation of the A9.

  • Some apps are power hungry and can consume a lot of battery in the background. It is therefore important to identify and uninstall them.
  • Reduce the screen brightness or turn on auto-brightness to save power.
  • It is also strongly recommended to turn off features such as Bluetooth, GPS or vibration when you are not using them.
  • If the problem persists and the tablet is not charging properly, consider replacing the charging connector or charging circuit on your Galaxy Tab A9. It is advisable not to do it yourself and to meet a professional to do it for you.

Solutions to Galaxy Tab A9 display problems

If you are experiencing display issues on your Galaxy Tab A9 or Tab A9+ tablet, you can try the following methods to fix it:

  • Perform a to see if this resolves the issue.
  • Make sure your Galaxy Tab A9 has the latest software updates
  • Check your tablet’s display settings.
  • If your Tab A9 has recently fallen, go to a maintenance center to check and have your tablet’s display repaired by a professional.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A9 overheating problems, what to do?

Having a device that overheats in your hands is a really unpleasant feeling. To fix your Galaxy Tab A9 overheating issues, here are some steps you can follow:

  • Apps running in the background can overload your tablet’s processor, which can lead to overheating. That’s why you should always close unnecessary applications in the background to reduce the load on the processor.
  • Avoiding intensive use of the tablet for long periods of time is a common best practice. Let the tablet rest and cool if it starts to get hot.
  • Update your tablet if it is not.
  • Clean all openings on the shelf to remove debris that could cause poor heat dissipation.

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