How to hack wifi easily on Windows

In this article we shall be looking at how to easily access wifi not found on Windows with the help of WindPCap, JumStart and Dumpper.

You will need the following softwares to easily hack a wifi network.

A computer that can connect to the internet: your laptop or desktop network carte must be functioning effectively.

A Windows exploitation system: given that this tip will be effective only on computers executing a Windows declination.

  • Dumpper software
  • JumStart software
  • WinPcap software
  • 4.5 Net Framework

Wifi networks (WPA, WPA2 or WPS) which emit a medium available signal. Be sure to always capture at least 8percent signal.

Let’s get started

No panicking, we haven’t forgotten about the download links, they are found in this article, it’s important to master the different steps before downloading the three soft wares we will be using.

After installing all required soft wares:

Step 1: Open Dumpper

Step 2: Select network icon and click on “Scan”, you will see all available wifi networks

Step 3: Open the “WPS” tab

Step 4: Chose “All Networks”

Step 5: Click “Scan”

Step 6: Chose the network you deem best

Step 7: Click on “Start JumpStart”

JumStart will launch a process that complete the hacking process automatically.

The wifi has been successfully hacked; you are now connected on the network you hacked.

Select Profile to access the information about the network you have hacked.

Details about the hacked network will be displayed in Profile and if you have hacked many networks, passwords will equally be displayed. You just need to click a network to see details and passwords.

On the other hand, you can access hacked wifi network passwords by opening the network center, share with your computer and click “ connect to hacked network”; select “wireless networks”  in the displayed window, go to Security and lastly, click “ See Characters” and the wifi network password will be displayed.

You can now use the hacked wifi password on other devices like your smartphone.

Rosevelt Kevin Zangue Fouobouo

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