Since the launch of its MUI 12 ROM internationally at the end of 2020, the Chinese firm Xiaomi has encountered a lot of problems and multiple bugs. Faced with growing discontent on user forums, the telecom giant has even embarked on a fishing expedition, asking for help from its many customers via various surveys.

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Very popular since its launch, this update aimed to bring new features on the functional level, in particular and increase in confidentiality and security. Many bugs have been identified. We can cite:

  • Cases of overheating
  • Problems with notifications
  • Definition issues while streaming
  • Problems with the touch screen
  • Transparency issues when using the Control Center…

The list is long and for the moment, the manufacturer is struggling to solve all the problems. However, it turns out that many of these problems are the result of the phone being misconfigured. We propose to give you some solutions to solve the problems related to notifications

Notifications are not always visible

When Control Center is enabled, you may experience some difficulty trying to access the notifications that appear at the very top. A practical solution is to swipe from the left side of the screen to bring up the notification on the right.

The other solution is to change the style of the notifications back to the display of the MUI 11 version. To do this, go to Settings -> Display -> Control center and notification bar, then disable the new controls.

Your notifications are ringing but not arriving

This error is not new but it is more accentuated in MUI 12. Some phones record a ringtone which indicates that a notification has arrived, but there is no visual indication as to which notification has reached the phone.

Go to installed applications, then in each of them, enter Settings -> Options and check if notifications are allowed. You will surely find some applications where the sound is checked but not the display on the lock screen or the system.

Problems with WhatsApp notifications

This is a bug that affects many smartphones using the MUI 12 update. Instead of displaying notifications for WhatsApp messages in progress, we instead get messages already read. This error is likely to occur with other messaging apps on your phone.

Resetting your smartphone or deleting and then reinstalling the affected application are not viable solutions. The solution we recommend is to block the application in multitasking. This will prevent it from closing in the background and you will receive corresponding notifications.

Unable to respond from notification

One of the advantages of smartphones is being able to respond quickly from the notification screen. Since the MUI 12 upgrade, many Androids have encountered this problem

To solve this problem, you just have to change the style of the notifications, although it will change the aesthetics of the notification. Go to Settings -> Notifications -> Notification bar and choose Android style instead of MUI

Notifications arrive late

It is possible that notifications from some applications arrive with a delay of a few minutes compared to when they were actually received. To fix this, you need to delete cache and leftover data after MUI 12 update. Go to Settings -> Applications -> Manage applications and then locate the system launcher to perform the maneuver.

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