In the fast-paced world of smartphones, the competition for technological supremacy reaches new heights with each iteration. This time, we delve into the fascinating world of iQOO‘s latest flagships, the iQOO 12 and iQOO 12 Pro. These two giants of mobile technology promise an exceptional experience, pushing back the boundaries of innovation and performance. As the rapid evolution of smartphones continues to dazzle consumers, this in-depth comparison aims to reveal the subtle nuances that distinguish these two models, to help technology enthusiasts make an informed decision about their next smartphone choice.

Refined design: iQOO 12 Pro vs iQOO 12

The two smartphones share a refined design, but there are subtle differences between them. The slightly larger and heavier iQOO 12 Pro evokes an impression of robustness and superior quality. Users will appreciate its imposing appearance, although the dimensions and weight may be more noticeable with prolonged use. The iQOO 12, on the other hand, is lighter and thinner, making it easier to handle and more portable.

Despite these distinctions, both models embody the iQOO series’ commitment to quality, with meticulous attention to detail for a comfortable grip.

Display: Quad HD+ vs Full HD+ resolution

When it comes to display, the iQOO 12 Pro stands out with its Quad HD+ resolution. Offering sharper, more detailed visuals, it’s ideal for fans of streaming, gaming and multimedia content who demand exceptional display quality.

The iQOO 12, although with Full HD+ resolution, doesn’t disappoint. Its AMOLED screen offers rich, vibrant colours and deep blacks, guaranteeing an immersive visual experience.

The choice between the two will depend on the importance attached to display resolution in the user’s day-to-day activities. High-resolution enthusiasts will probably opt for the iQOO 12 Pro, while those who prefer an exceptional visual experience without compromising portability might prefer the iQOO 12.

Powerful phones

Under the bonnet, both smartphones are powered by the powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor, ensuring smooth handling of intensive gaming, multitasking and demanding applications. With 16GB of RAM available in a variety of storage configurations, the iQOO 12 and iQOO 12 Pro excel at handling multiple tasks simultaneously, delivering a smooth and responsive experience for all users.

Intuitive interface: Android 14 with Funtouch OS

Both models run Android 14 with the Funtouch OS overlay, offering a user-friendly interface that is both intuitive and customisable. This software combination ensures seamless interaction with the device, enhancing the overall user experience. Whether you’re navigating menus, customising the home screen or using built-in features, the interface is designed to be accessible and efficient.

Advanced Camera Configuration

The camera configurations of the iQOO 12 and iQOO 12 Pro are identical, with a versatile three-camera array. These configurations offer the flexibility to capture a variety of photographs, from vast landscapes to detailed portraits. The camera’s performance in a variety of lighting conditions is impressive, meeting the needs of photography enthusiasts and casual users alike. The front camera ensures crisp, clear selfies, perfect for video calls and social networking.

Battery life and fast recharging

Battery life is crucial, and the iQOO 12 and iQOO 12 Pro exceed expectations with a 5,100 mAh battery each. This capacity guarantees a day’s intensive use. What’s more, the fast charge function significantly reduces the time needed to recharge the battery. The iQOO 12 Pro goes one step further by offering fast wireless charging, adding a layer of convenience for wireless charging enthusiasts.

In conclusion, whether you opt for the iQOO 12 or the iQOO 12 Pro, you’ll enjoy unrivalled processing power, a smooth software experience, advanced photography and exceptional battery life. Make your choice based on your specific priorities, whether it’s the wireless charging of the Pro or the light weight of the standard model. Both models promise a quality iQOO experience. By the way:

By the way:

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