Nowadays, it is possible to make money and even a lot of money with the production of content on YouTube. Around the world, many YouTubers (also known as YouTube content creators”) make a lot of money and sometimes even become very rich thanks to their videos posted on this platform.

However, there are still some disparities in our time that make the monetization of videos posted on YouTube by users from certain countries not possible. Indeed, the income generated by YouTube does not only depend on the number of views accumulated on the videos, it is also necessary not only to have 1000 subscribers, but also to be a resident citizen of an eligible country.

If you are in Africa and you are not part of the countries below, monetization will not be possible for you at least through the normal channel.

  • Algeria
  • Egypt
  • Ghana
  • Kenya
  • Libya
  • Morocco
  • Nigeria
  • Senegal
  • South Africa
  • Tanzania
  • Tunisia
  • Uganda
  • Zimbabwe

As you can see, not only are there hardly more than a dozen African countries that are eligible, but moreover they are almost all Anglo-Saxon countries, apart from Senegal which is the only French-speaking country on the list that can benefit from YouTube monetization. So the question is how can you monetize your YouTube channel without being a resident of an eligible country?

It will seem very simple, but also very complicated as an answer, but the most common way for a YouTuber from a non-eligible area to get his content monetized is to use the services of a person who resides in an eligible country. In other words, if you have a trusted person in one of the following countries, they can help you manage the e-residency of your YouTube channel abroad:

  • Algeria – American Samoa – Argentina – Aruba
  • Azerbaijan – Australia – Austria – Bahrain
  • Bangladesh – Bermuda – Belarus – Belgium
  • Bolivia – Bosnia-Herzegovina – Brazil – Bulgaria
  • Canada – Cayman Islands – Chile – Colombia
  • Costa Rica – Croatia – Cyprus – Czech Republic
  • Denmark – Dominican Republic – Ecuador – Egypt
  • El Salvador – Estonia – Finland – France
  • French Guiana – French Polynesia – Georgia – Germany
  • Ghana – Greece – Guatemala – Guadeloupe
  • Guam – Honduras – Hong Kong – Hungary
  • Iceland – India – Indonesia – Iraq
  • Israel – Italy – Jamaica – Japan
  • Jordan – Kazakhstan – Kenya – Kuwait
  • Latvia – Lebanon – Libya – Liechtenstein
  • Lithuania – Luxembourg – Northern Macedonia – Malaysia
  • Malta – Martinique – Mayotte – Mexico
  • Montenegro – Morocco – Nepal – Netherlands
  • New Zealand – Nicaragua – Nigeria – Norway
  • Northern Mariana Islands – Oman – Pakistan – Panama
  • Papua New Guinea – Paraguay – Peru – Philippines
  • Poland – Portugal – Puerto Rico – Qatar
  • Ireland – Reunion – Romania – Russia
  • Senegal – Serbia – Singapore – Saudi Arabia
  • Slovakia – Slovenia – South Africa – South Korea
  • Spain – Sri Lanka – Sweden – Switzerland
  • Taiwan – Tanzania – Thailand – Tunisia
  • Turkey – Turks and Caicos Islands – Uganda – Ukraine
  • United Arab Emirates – United Kingdom – United States – United States Virgin Islands
  • Uruguay – Venezuela – Vietnam – Yemen – Zimbabwe

The problem with this method is that you have to trust this person, and we all know that entrusting the management of the profits of your work to someone other than yourself is difficult, especially if you have no guarantees.

However, before we even talk about monetizing your YouTube channel, you need to change the location of your channel to an eligible country, reach 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of views on your videos.

You will usually see YouTubers inviting their subscribers to join them on their new channels, in fact, it is because they have created new channels with location addresses in one of the above countries, and plan to monetize them.

With the method in which the content creator has to create a new channel, you will agree that the process is more tedious, especially since you will have to start from scratch. That is why we propose a simple and effective alternative, which is to involve a NetWork.

How to upload to YouTube?

You can also opt for the creation of a representation of your YouTube channel in an eligible country, we are talking about a company that will in this case manage the domiciliation of your YouTube channel and manage your content. However, according to us, to avoid any hassle and management problem, using a Network is the best solution for an efficient monetization when you are a resident of a non-eligible country.

Indeed, you can go through a Network and in this case, Teugmedia, which is a service specialized in the management of web influencers and monetization of online content.

What is needed to monetize a YouTube channel?

Once your channel has an eligible residence, you will need to create a Google Adsence account to which you will need to link a bank account to which your earnings will be transferred. When you create your Adsence account, you will be asked for a postal code on which you will be sent sensitive information. This zip code must be from an eligible country, specifically the one where the YouTube channel administrator is located.

If you are not a fan of new information and communication technologies, or are not very familiar with online payment systems, we strongly advise you to contact Teugmedia, which is an excellent network with years of experience in the field and in the management of YouTube channels.

Teugmedia provides management of your YouTube channel while leaving you in control of the channel, it also ensures the production of content that meets the standards of monetization and protects your videos on the Internet. With Teugmedia, you create and produce the content, and they take care of the rest. You can contact them via the email address You can also contact them via the WhatsApp application by clicking on the button below.

The video below proposed by La Reussite shows you how to successfully monetize your YouTube channel in a non-eligible country.

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