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Realme Pad 2 4G: a promising new tablet in the pipeline

Renowned smartphone brand Realme is currently working on a new tablet that promises to deliver a quality user experience. A recent leak reveals some interesting details about the upcoming Realme Pad 2 4G.

The Realme Pad surfaces with a MediaTek Helio G99 chip

According to the leaked information, the tablet will feature a powerful MediaTek Helio G99 chipset. Realme has already experimented with Qualcomm for the Realme Pad X and Unisoc for the Realme Pad Mini, but seems to prefer MediaTek once again, as was the case for the original Realme Pad.

The Helio G99 is likely to be paired with 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage, offering enough power and storage capacity to meet users’ needs. In addition, the Realme Pad 2 is expected to feature a high-capacity 8,360mAh battery, with 33W fast charging via a USB Type-C port.

The leaked images also show that the Realme Pad 2 will feature four separate speaker grilles, split two at the top and two at the bottom of the tablet. This suggests an immersive audio experience for users. The source also claims that the tablet will feature a four-speaker setup, which promises superior sound quality.

The leak also reveals that the Realme Pad 2 will feature a single 20MP rear camera. Although the camera island might suggest the presence of two cameras, the source clarifies that it’s actually a single lens, while the second module looks more like an LED flash.

On the software front, the Realme Pad 2 will ship with Android 13 and Realme UI 4.0. This promises a smooth and optimised user experience, with the latest Realme UI features and improvements. It’s important to note that the original Realme Pad is still on Android 11, while the Realme Pad X is on Android 12, so the question of updates is still up in the air.

Unfortunately, the source doesn’t share any information about the Realme Pad 2 4G’s screen size. We can assume, however, that it will be an LCD screen offering a good display quality for users.

There’s only limited information available at the moment, but speculation suggests that we’ll find out more about the Realme Pad 2 sometime in August or September. Stay tuned for the full features, design and official launch date of this new Realme tablet.

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