How to start or restart your phone if the power button doesn’t work.

Your phone may have a fault that prevents the ignition button from working. You can solve this problem by using a number of software solutions including Power Menu.

Power Menu helps extend the life of the power button on your phone, giving new life to devices with a faulty power key.

Power Menu is a tool that provides the same functions as a phone’s power button. Once you have downloaded and installed this app in your phone, you need to give permission to the app to access the power button function so that it allows you to :

  • Turn off ;
  • Restart ;
  • Capture ;

If your power button is no longer working, just enter the Power Menu application and click on the Open Power Menu tab and you will have the power button menu at your disposal.

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If your phone is turned off, you will just need to carefully follow the steps below:

  • Hold down the volume;
  • Plug your phone into the socket while holding down the volume down key which will start a help menu, and you will start your phone by following the instructions;
  • Remove and replace the battery immediately;

Warning : this tip doesn’t works on phones with a battery built-in

Download the Power Menu application via the following button

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