Codec is the technical term used to mean encoder/decoder – it is actually a computer program that facilitates the transfer and playback of music on devices. That said, even though there are many codecs on Android, the options for Bluetooth audio codecs are rather limited. This is why the sound quality of the audio played in Bluetooth mode can sometimes seem less good.

So we’ll show you how to switch between different audio codecs if one or the other doesn’t suit you. But first it is important to redefine the audio codec in the Bluetooth sense

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What is a Bluetooth audio codec?

A Bluetooth audio codec is a sophisticated algorithm or set of algorithms that compress audio into small packets in order to have a faster wireless transmission. There are many Bluetooth codecs, but the most widely used are SBC and AAC. They are the most common and supported by most Bluetooth headsets.

Unfortunately, they are also known as lossy codecs because they compress the data enormously, preferring stability and speed to audio quality. There are proprietary codecs like aptX and LDAC, which offer higher transmission rates and lower latency, but are only available on high-end headphones.

How to check for supported Bluetooth audio codecs on Android

The Bluetooth audio codecs that are supported by the majority of Android phones are:

  • CCS
  • CAA
  • aptX
  • aptXHD
  • LDAC
  • aptX adaptive
  • aptX TWS
  • LHDC

To use a particular codec, both your Android phone and your Bluetooth headset or speaker must support it. To see the list of codecs supported by your phone:

  • Go to Settings
  • Then go to the “System” option
  • Then go to “Developer Settings” or “Developer Options”; (If you can’t find “Developer Options” on your phone, leave us a message as a comment and we’ll be happy to help you.
  • Now scroll down and press “Bluetooth Audio Codec”.
  • You can now choose the best codec for your headphones/speakers

If you have a Samsung, you can also download the Samsung Scalable Codec, it’s a company codec that is only compatible with some Galaxy phones and the Galaxy Buds series headphones.

How to change the Bluetooth codec on an Android phone

This manipulation of changing the Bluetooth codec is likely to improve the audio quality, reduce latency and increase the stability of audios. In general, any codec other than the SBC codec is preferable. Here’s how to change the Bluetooth codec.

  • Pair your Bluetooth headset with your Android phone.
  • Go to the phone’s Settings
  • Go to connections
  • Then in “Bluetooth and devices” or “Connected devices
  • Press the gear icon next to the name of the paired Bluetooth device.
  • Now activate the audio switch. Activating the toggle ensures that you will use the best codec available in the list of supported codecs.

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