Canva is a great platform for creating visuals – images or videos. However, like everything else it can sometimes be subject to some malfunctions. Throughout the day of November 30, 2022 our platform ( recorded a fairly high spike in visits to the “Can’t upload my presentation to Canva” problem that Roswel had listed in our forum. This then brought to our attention this problem which can be quite frustrating especially when you are running out of time.

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How to fix the inability to upload a design or video to Canva

If you are getting error messages such as “Could not upload your design” or “An error occurred”, here are some fixes you can try:

Check your Internet connection

If you can’t upload your work to Canva, the first thing that should concern you is your internet connection. Yes, your internet connection, Canva is an internet-enabled application, so if your connection is unstable or absent, it will be impossible for you to upload your designs, presentations, or videos to the platform. So make sure you have a good internet connection and try to upload your project again.

Upload your design from the home page

If your internet connection is good and stable, and you still can’t upload your project, go to the home page to upload your project. Canva automatically saves changes to your project, so another easy way to upload your designs or videos is from the home page.

  1. Find the design/video you want to upload from your home page. You can also search through your Canva folders.
  2. Hover over its thumbnail and select the — icon that appears.
  3. Select the Upload option.
  4. Choose the file type. If your design has multiple pages, select the pages you want to upload from the drop-down list.
  5. Click on Upload.

Check the status of Canva’s servers

Check the Canva status page. If you see the message All systems are up and running, it means that everything is working properly on the Canva server side. Try uploading your design again after a while. If there is a problem listed, wait for technical support to fix the problem and try again.

Check your device or browser

If Canva crashes when you try to upload your design or video, it may be a problem with your device or browser. Try updating your browser to the latest version available or switching browsers or devices.

Refresh the browser and clear the cache and cookies

Too many cookies can sometimes cause problems with Canva design downloads.

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