You’ve probably been in a situation where you had to delete your call history to solve the problem; you made a call and you don’t want your spouse to know about it so you delete the call from your phone to leave no trace, you made a call and you don’t want someone searching your phone to find that call trace so you delete it from your call history. But did you ever think that instead of deleting this information you could just hide it or modify it? Because you yourself may need it one day, that’s the goal of the Edit Phone History application that you can download by clicking here.

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Indeed, this application allows you to modify your call history, change incoming calls to outgoing or missed calls, modify the contact of the person who called you or that you called, the number of minutes spent on the phone with this number and many others. It also allows you to export call histories for backup purposes. To be able to carry out this trick, nothing could be simpler, you just have to download the application in question, install it and then give the necessary authorisations, then on the home page simply go to Call Log Manager for the modification of the history and from there you will have the choice of carrying out the manipulations or modifications that you wish.

Modification d’historique d’appel

Once you have made your changes, click on Update and all your adjustments will be added to your phone. You can also create a fake call by clicking on ADD A NEW RECORD, and in the window that appears you will just have to insert the number, duration, date, time and type of call, then you add to the history by clicking on Add Call To Log.

Very good application we recommend it if you ever need it.

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