A new unlabeled Google device has appeared for Federal Communications Commission (FCC) approval, bringing the Google Pixel 7a or the Google pixel fold.

Any wireless electronic equipment must first receive approval from various government agencies, including the FCC in the United States, before it can be released. Moreover, according to a 9To5Google report, three new documents have been made to the FCC, all of which indicate that Google will soon release a single new phone.

Google Pixel 7a or Pixel Fold?

The announcements G0DZQ, GHL1X and GWKK3 all mention each other, and one mentions another model, G82U8. According to the report, a document from the tech giant explained the differences.

FCC ID: A4RG0DZQ (parent model for NFC), FCC ID: A4RGWKK3 (parent model for BT/WLAN) and FCC ID: A4RGHL1X (variant model) use the same identical internal printed circuit board layouts, while the variant models depopulates mmWave related components and populated a different MHB ENDC module, details are available in the operational description.

Source : 9to5google

However, nothing in the FCC listings indicates the physical dimensions of this new phone, which would indicate whether it is the Pixel Fold or Pixel 7a. The presence of an mmWave model does not rule out the possibility that it is the Pixel 7a, as the Pixel 6a was also available with mmWave via Verizon.

One possible indication is the presence of serial numbers for the tested devices, which often start with 28291FQHN or 28251FQHN. A serial number starting with 2A281FQHN was visible in a hands-on leak of an early edition of the Pixel 7a, which appears to be similar.

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