Both Apple and Samsung make great phones, which is great, but can leave you confused as to which to choose. Apple recently unveiled the iPhone 14 Pro, which takes on Samsung’s Galaxy S22 Plus. Apple is bringing to its smartphone a new powerful chipset called A16 Bionic which is based on a 4nm process. While the Samsung S22 Plus has a decent camera, the iPhone 14 has a new and improved camera system. Find out in this iPhone 14 Pro vs Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus comparison article, which one you should buy!

Apple iPhone 14 Pro, 128GB,Galaxy S22 Plus
$949 $919.99

IPhone 14 Pro vs. Galaxy S22 Plus: Design

The iPhone 14 Pro and Galaxy S22 Plus both look sleek enough that appearance isn’t an issue. The iPhone 14 Pro looks a lot like the iPhone 13 Pro in looks, except it’s now replaced with a notch, which is a pill-shaped cutout called Dynamic Island. The user interface that surrounds this implementation is rather impressive, too. The iPhone 14 Pro has the same flat-edged design, while the S22 Plus has a more rounded design.

IPhone 14 Pro vs. Galaxy S22 Plus: Camera

Don’t get me wrong, the S22 Plus has a great camera. It has a 50-megapixel main camera, a 12-megapixel ultra-wide and a 10-megapixel telephoto camera, as well as a 10-megapixel front camera.

However, the iPhone 14 Pro has what is probably the biggest iPhone camera upgrade in years. You get a 48MP main camera, a 12MP ultra-wide camera, and a 12MP telephoto camera. The front camera system has also been improved. It is a 12MP dual-lens camera.

Samsung still offers higher zoom, with the Space Zoom going up to 30 xs, while the iPhone can only go up to 15x. Both smartphones have 3x optical zoom. While the S22 Plus’ 30x Space Zoom is a good thing, it’s still digital zoom, which means it comes at the expense of quality.

IPhone 14 Pro vs. Galaxy S22 Plus: features and software

The iPhone 14 Pro offers a few unique features that the Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus doesn’t have. First, we have the Satellite Emergency SOS. This feature allows users to text emergency services to request help if they are stranded with no cellular or Wi-Fi signal. Another new feature unique to the iPhone 14 Pro is accident, which can detect an accident and contact emergency services, as well as your emergency contacts.

Samsung isn’t far behind with the S22 Plus running Android 12 with One UI 4.1 Android 12 is a pretty reliable version of Android, offering a ton of customization options via Material You. Material You lets you customize your phone’s visuals using wallpaper, colors, widgets, and more. One UI 4.1 works pretty well on Android 12, with an improved notification design, among other things.

However, iOS 16 adds enough customization options to the iPhone 14 Pro to make it a solid recommendation, even against Samsung’s mature suit. Dynamic Island is also a very solid implementation for the new notch replacement, which earns the iPhone 14 Pro extra points software-wise.

IPhone 14 Pro vs. Galaxy S22 Plus: Performance

Samsung had the better Qualcomm chip in the S22 Plus when it launched, but the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 has since received a sequel that fixes some of its flaws. On the other hand, Apple has packed an all-new 4nm A16 Bionic into the iPhone 14 Pro, and it’s safe to say that it outperforms the 8 Gen 1, as the A15 Bionic did as well. With regular use, you’re unlikely to notice any major performance differences, but the A16 Bionic will serve you best if you’re a heavy user.

As for storage, the iPhone 14 Pro comes in 128GB, 256GB, 512GB, and 1TB. The Galaxy S22 Plus only has 128GB and 256GB, with no top option. While 256GB is ample storage capacity, the lack of higher storage options makes the S22 Plus a poor option for anyone who needs local storage. If you want to do a ton of photos and video recordings, the iPhone 14 Pro would make more sense for you.

iPhone 14 Pro vs Galaxy S22 Plus: Which one should you buy

Apple iPhone 14 Pro, 128GB,Galaxy S22 Plus
$949 $919.99

It’s never easy to answer that question, especially when you consider how close Apple and Samsung are with their matching offerings these days. However, with the iPhone 14 Pro, Apple did something special.

If the software experience is important to you, iOS now comes close to customizing Android while still delivering on its privacy promise. If you want a better camera, the iPhone 14 Pro improves on all fronts. On the screen side, the iPhone 14 Pro even offers a better, brighter screen. While battery life is likely to be equal, the performance of the iPhone 14 Pro is miles away from that of the S22+. The iPhone 14 Pro is also the smallest phone, so keep that in mind if one-handed use is your thing. Also keep in mind that the S22 Plus promises four years of Android updates, while Apple has regularly exceeded that figure, although it hasn’t made firm promises.

There’s no doubt that the iPhone 14 Pro is the best iPhone the company has ever made, and if you pit it against the S22+, it’ll win on most, if not all, fronts. However, there is one thing to remember, and that is the price. The iPhone 14 Pro is sold between 1,329 euros and 1,979 euros and the S22 Plus is sold between 999 euros and 1,099 euros. However, the big difference is that the S22 Plus launched about six months before the iPhone 14 Pro, which means it’s now available at a lower price.

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