If you have the impression that someone around you tends to manipulate your phone without your consent without your knowledge and you want to know who it is that you are in the right place, this trick allows you to unmask easily and without doing of effort that affects your phone.

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To find out who’s using your phone while you’re away, you’ll need to download and install MidnightDev’sWho Touched My Phone” app. There are also other applications that will allow you to identify precisely who is touching your smartphone that we will present to you in another article, but the one that interests us here is “Who Touched My Phone” in French “qui a touché mon telephone” because it really satisfied us. The download link is available at the end of this article.

When you have installed and started the application, it will record those who use your phone thanks to the front camera in background mode, therefore invisible to the user. You will then see who, when and what this individual has done to your device while it is not under your watch.

How to use “Who Touched My Phone”?

  • Open the app and click the “Power” button, then close it and lock your phone;
  • If the Device is unlocked by the user or there is an attempt to do so, the application starts recording a report (user photo, list of applications received);
  • Even if the screen is locked again, the application retained to save the report. And so on;
  • If the user tries to unlock the device several times, it is also logged;
  • When you go to open Who Touched My Phone, Press the “Power” button to stop recording, this is the long-awaited moment, browse your reports to identify these people.
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NB: Configure synchronization with the cloud for long-term backups. The app needs Device Administrator permission to work, as it will need it to check for incorrect unlock attempts. So please disable before uninstalling the app just in case.

See how to use this app in our demonstrative video

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