At its latest I/O developer conference, Google introduced its latest smartphone, the Pixel 7a. This is the affordable version of Google’s flagship Pixel 7 series, offering an OLED display, 64 MP dual camera, camera features, a 24-hour long battery and much more. Although the price is lower than the original model, the specifications are not much different. So, if you are hesitating between the two models, we have compared the features of each phone in detail to help you choose.

Pixel 7aPixel 7

Design, body and screen: Which one offers the best display

The Pixel 7a and Pixel 7 are almost identical in terms of design, with a similar perforated screen and a pill-shaped rear camera module. The color options are also nearly the same, with the Pixel 7a available in Charcoal, Sea and Snow, while the Pixel 7 comes in Obsidian, Snow and Lemongrass.

Both phones have similar dimensions, with the Pixel 7a measuring 6.0 x 2.8 x 0.4 inches and the Pixel 7 measuring 6.1 x 2.9 x 0.3 inches. The weight is also similar, with the Pixel 7a being slightly lighter at 193.5g than the Pixel 7 at 197g.

The screen front is also comparable, with the Pixel 7a featuring the 6.1-inch FHD+ OLED display with a 90Hz refresh rate and Corning Gorilla Glass 3 protection, while the Pixel 7 has a larger 6.3-inch display with a Gorilla Glass Victus screen.

Other features such as Always On Display and Now Playing are also available on both models. A major compromise of the Pixel 7a is the plastic body, while the Pixel 7 has a Corning Gorilla Glass Victus back with an aluminum frame. The Pixel 7a has an IP67 rating to resist water up to 1 meter deep for 30 minutes, while the Pixel 7 has an IP68 rating to resist water up to more than 1 meter.

Pixel 7a and Pixel 7 performance comparison

If you are looking for a phone that offers high performance, Google’s Pixel phones are often considered the best choices. The Pixel 7a and Pixel 7 are two of Google’s latest offerings, and both are powered by the internal Tensor G2 chipset, so you can expect similar performance.

The Tensor G2 chipset is also used in Google’s flagship model, the Pixel 7 Pro. Thus, users can expect a similar level of performance as the Pixel 7 Pro. This means that you can expect a fast and smooth phone that can run multiple apps simultaneously.

The Pixel 7a and Pixel 7 also feature Google’s Titan M2 security chip, which adds an extra layer of protection to your phone. This chip helps secure your information and better protect your phone from cyber-attacks.

One of the main differences between the Pixel 7a and the Pixel 7 is in the storage options available. The Pixel 7a only offers a 128GB internal storage option, while the Pixel 7 has a storage option of up to 256GB. However, both phones are equipped with 8GB of RAM. This means that both phones offer a similar user experience in terms of performance.

If you are a media heavy user and need more storage space, the Pixel 7 is the best option for you. However, if storage capacity is not a deciding factor for you, the Pixel 7a may be a more economical option.

In the end, the performance of the Pixel 7a and Pixel 7 are very similar. Both phones offer top-notch features and performance that are comparable to high-end brands. Whether you choose the Pixel 7a or the Pixel 7, you won’t be disappointed with the performance of the device.

Pixel 7a’s camera is much improved

Google’s Pixel lineup is known for offering professional quality cameras. The Pixel 7a is no exception. It offers a 64MP main camera and a 13MP ultra-wide camera on the back, offering a noticeable improvement over the Pixel 7 which has a 50MP and 12MP dual rear camera setup.

The Pixel 7a’s camera has features such as super-resolution zoom up to 8x, photo blur, magic eraser, night vision and face blur. These features allow users to capture professional quality images. The front camera has also seen a significant upgrade from a 10.8 MP snapper on the Pixel 7 to an ultra-wide 13 MP front camera on the Pixel 7a.

The Pixel 7a captures detailed, crisp images with built-in optical image stabilization (OIS) technology. This feature allows users to take stable photos and videos, even on the move.

Night vision mode is one of the Pixel 7a’s most popular features, which allows users to take photos in low-light conditions. The Pixel 7a also allows you to adjust light and shadows in real time, creating balanced and detailed images in all lighting conditions.

All in all, the Pixel 7a’s camera is one of the phone’s most remarkable features. By combining Google’s cutting-edge technology with a powerful camera, Google has created a phone that allows users to capture professional quality images.

Battery performance comparison between Pixel 7a and Pixel 7

Battery is an important aspect to consider when buying a new phone. Google’s Pixel phones are known for their outstanding battery performance, but how do Google’s two latest offerings compare? Here’s a battery performance comparison between the Pixel 7a and Pixel 7.

The Pixel 7a has a slightly larger 4,385 mAh battery, while the Pixel 7 has a 4,355 mAh battery. However, the difference between the two is not very significant, and both phones offer comparable battery life.

The Pixel 7a promises up to 24 hours of battery life and up to 72 hours with the Extreme Battery Saver mode enabled. This mode extends battery life by limiting the phone’s functionality to the essentials. The Pixel 7 also has this option.

Both phones also offer fast wired charging and Qi-compatible wireless charging support. This means you can charge your phone quickly and easily, using either wired or wireless charging.

However, there is a noticeable difference between the two when it comes to charging speed. The fast charging speed is not officially specified for the Pixel 7a, while the Pixel 7 offers 18W fast charging.

In conclusion, while both phones offer comparable battery performance, there is a slight difference in fast charging features. If fast charging speed is important to you, the Pixel 7 might be the preferable option. However, if you’re looking for solid battery life and wireless charging capability, the Pixel 7a is also a very good option. Overall, you won’t be disappointed with the battery performance of either the Pixel 7a or Pixel 7 phones.

Pixel 7 availability and pricing

Pixel 7aPixel 7

What you need to remember if you have to choose between the Pixel 7a and Pixel 7

The Pixel 7a features an almost identical design to the Pixel 7. Both models sport a perforated screen and a pill-shaped rear camera module, with a similar color selection. The dimensions of the two phones are also very similar, but the Pixel 7a is slightly lighter than the Pixel 7. Although the Pixel 7a’s screen is slightly smaller than the Pixel 7’s, other features such as the high refresh rate and Gorilla Glass protection are there.

Despite the Pixel 7a’s lower price tag, it comes with a 64MP ultra-wide camera and a 13MP ultra-wide camera on the back, offering advanced features such as super-resolution zoom, night vision and face blur. The Pixel 7a’s front camera is also slightly better, with a 13 MP resolution compared to the 10.8 MP on the Pixel 7. Both phones are powered by Google’s Tensor G2 chipset, offering similar performance.

The Pixel 7a has a 4,385mAh battery with 24 hours of battery life, while the Pixel 7 has a slightly smaller 4,355mAh battery. The Pixel 7a is also priced lower than the Pixel 7, making it a great choice for those looking for great value. Although the back of the phone is made of plastic, the Pixel 7a has an IP67 rating, while the Pixel 7 has an IP68 rating. The final choice will depend on your preferences and budget, but the Pixel 7a is clearly an appealing option for those looking for an affordable but capable phone.

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