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Galaxy S24 Plus vs Galaxy S23 Plus: The Upgrades That Make the Difference

Samsung is back with a bang with the new Galaxy S24 lineup, and the Galaxy S24 Plus is the center of attention. With notable improvements over its predecessor, the Galaxy S23 Plus, this big-screen handset is worth a closer look. Let’s find out together the differences that could tip the scales in favor of the Galaxy S24 Plus.

Improved performance with the new chipset:

The Galaxy S24 Plus has received a significant performance upgrade thanks to its new chipset, the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 (or Exynos 2400 in the UK). Compared to the Galaxy S23 Plus, this power upgrade promises a smoother user experience, increased performance and exceptional responsiveness.

Galaxy AI: The Power of Artificial Intelligence:

Galaxy AI integration propels the Galaxy S24 Plus into the future of technology. Thanks to the new Exynos 2400 chipset for Galaxy, the S24 Plus offers a host of new AI-powered features. From advanced photo editing apps, with the ability to move or erase topics, to Live Translate for seamless multilingual conversations, AI brings a new and exciting dimension to the user experience.

An Even Bigger and Improved Screen:

The screen, the strong point of the “Plus” range, becomes even larger on the Galaxy S24 Plus. With a size increasing from 6.6 inches to 6.7 inches, the S24 Plus offers an increased immersive viewing experience. Upgrading to a QHD+ panel with an adaptive refresh rate of 1-120Hz ensures exceptional image quality and smaller bezels for an unhindered viewing experience.

AI Powered Photo Editing:

The most striking use of AI on the S24 Plus is in photo editing. Users can now move or delete topics, letting AI intelligently fill in the gaps. This feature delivers unprecedented photographic creativity and demonstrates the power of AI in image processing.

Improved Battery for Even Greater Autonomy:

The Galaxy S24 Plus goes beyond just increasing screen size by also improving battery capacity. With an increase from 4,700 mAh to 4,900 mAh, the S24 Plus offers a notable improvement in battery life. Combined with the energy-saving adaptive refresh rate, this increase could result in extended use on a single charge, meeting the needs of power-hungry users.

Seven Year Extended Software Support:

Samsung marks a turning point in its commitment to software sustainability with the Galaxy S24 Plus. By promising seven years of software and security updates, the S24 Plus vastly outperforms the S23 Plus which only offered four and five years respectively. For those looking to maximize the life of their phone and stay up to date with the latest features, the Galaxy S24 Plus stands out as a smart choice.

In direct comparison with the Galaxy S23 Plus, the Galaxy S24 Plus emerges as a significant upgrade. With notable improvements in performance, display, photography and battery management, the S24 Plus offers an overall improved user experience. For those looking for a high-quality big-screen handset without necessarily opting for the Ultra model, the Galaxy S24 Plus positions itself as an attractive choice for 2024.

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