Are you on a trip and in need of internet connection ? No need to panic you can take advantage of the surrounding networks by connecting yourself to the nearby WIi-Fi. Unfortunately, they are all secured. If contrarily you need  the best Wi-Fi Hacking software to better protect yourself, then this article will give you the best software to access securedWi-Fi.

best software to hack Wi-Fi


AirCrack Wi-Fi Hacking software is one of the best in this domain. It allows you to discover Wi-Fi networks codes protected by WEP or WAP. Indeed, it is also a tool that enables you to monitor traffic on a Wi-Fi Network. Get AirCrack

What are its features?

Decoding WEP and WPA 802.11a, b, g while using dictionary attacks keys, AirCrack hacks Wi-Fi.

Moreover, in order to find Wifi network passwords, this software acts by capturing the first transmitted packages through the connection to allow the user find the password and use it to access the internet.


Has the capacity to decrypt any kind of WEP code from a wifi network helping you to connect to that network. This software in addition to having free access is very effective and reliable. Available for Linus and Windows users, and quite simple to use.

First and foremost, you will need to collect and passively monitor wireless network transmissions in order to use it. Thereafter, it will process the mobile data in order to connect to the network after several packages collection. This software is always available on downloads and stands out for its simplicity; from whence it’s ranking amongst the best.

Cain and Abel

With main aim being interception and network monitoring, Cain and Abel will be the best wifi hacking software.

Making use of cryptanalysis, this tool attacks and recovers the passwords. The software Cain and Abel is an effective program to crack a wifi network.


When it comes to Windows and Mac operating systems,this software has several features, making it an outstanding software. The latter scans the wifi network, finds the accessible nearby wifi  points, tracks the signal strength and makes a complete analysis in order to hack the wireless signal. This software has now become a premium tool and costs about $ 19.99. Obtain InSSIDer for free


Not only does this software allows you to find nearby open wifi access points, but also has several tools to hack a wifi code. Guess what? It is totally free! And is available for all Windows users. However it only suits the 32 bit versions of Windows and not the 64 bits. As a matter of fact, a shorter version nicknamed « MiniStumbler » is now available. Download NetStumbler


With this tool, it is possible to recover WPS password and skilled or unskilled in the hacking domain, you will hack successfully. It works using two applications: Wincap and Jumpstart whose availability is indispensible. These three software are therefore inseparable and shall help you in viewing all available wifi in the area.


Suitable for Linux exploitation system, Windows, OS X, Solaries, FreeBSD operating systems; this software helps to cature all the traffic on the network then decodes the Wifi password. Concerning Wifi hacking, it is one of the best softwares.


This software enables WEP key interruption which gives easiest access to the wireless network. It is very accurate for Linux users.


It mainly targets mainly the WPA-PSK protocol of the wireless network, even better, it recovers Wi-Fi WPA-PSK keys and it is available frr of charge for download.

Its formula is simple: crack, find and show wifi passwords. This software matches with Windows and Linux

Air jack

Perfect for password recovery, can inject data packages between two nodes of a given wireless network, thus facilitating the Wi-Fi network hacking. Air jack software is unavoidable, in addition it is free and one can download it when needed. Moreover, it only works with Linux hardware or a prism network card.

When a Wi-Fi network is vulnerable and flawed in configuration, it is easy to hack  with the  right technique. Hopefully, this article serves its purpose.

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