Error Code 83″ is one of the most common error codes on Disney Plus. This error indicates that Disney Plus thinks you are using an “incompatible” device, meaning that you are trying to watch on a device that cannot actually run the app. That said, error 83 can also be encountered on compatible devices, fortunately there are a few quick ways to fix error code 83 when watching Disney Plus.

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Fix error code 83 while viewing Disney Plus

Check device compatibility with Disney Plus

Disney Plus supports a wide range of devices and browsers. If Disney Plus has worked on your device before, you usually don’t need to check the list. However, if this is your first time using the service and it doesn’t work, it’s worth checking the Disney Plus compatibility list again.

Even if your device is not compatible, the app can still download or allow you to pay for a subscription. Unfortunately, there is no longer a seven-day free trial for Disney Plus, so it is essential to confirm device compatibility before paying for the app.

Check internet connection status

As with any application that relies on the internet to work properly, a lack of connection can cause error 83. It is important to check and even restart your router to ensure that there are no problems. Disney Plus seems to prefer a strong Wi-Fi connection, so avoid using cellular data if possible.

Forcing Disney Plus to shut down

If your device is compatible but you’re still experiencing error code 83, close and restart the app. If this doesn’t work, try forcing the application to close.

You can usually force the Disney Plus application to close by opening the application switcher and dragging it up. You can also go to Settings > Applications > Disney Plus and select Force Shutdown or Force Close at the bottom of the screen.

Check if Disney Plus is down

It is possible that Disney Plus is simply overloaded with people wanting to watch at the same time. You can see if this is widespread by using a tool like Down detector , where users report problems. If this is the case and Disney Plus is simply not available, you will have to wait for Disney to fix the problem.

If all else fails and you continue to experience difficulties, you can simply cancel your Disney Plus subscription.

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