Reddit forums and Google‘s support page are filling up with complaints from Pixel 8 users, reporting worrying display issues. These issues have recently caught the attention of the online community, with one Reddit user sharing a disturbing experience with “strange bumps” on the screen of his Pixel 8.

On Reddit, one user shared a revealing image of the issue, displaying bosses clearly visible on the Pixel 8’s screen. The Redditor explained that some of these bumps look like screw heads on the motherboard, while others appear to be related to a deformation of the screen along the edge.

This issue doesn’t appear to be isolated, as several other Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro users have also expressed similar concerns. Some report the presence of 8-10 patterns on their screen, all appearing from within and with no apparent cause due to an external force. This disturbing phenomenon curiously occurs about a week after the purchase of these new units.

Of greater concern to users is the fact that these anomalies do not appear consistently, but only under specific lighting conditions. Some reports indicate that these internal patterns appear around a week after the purchase of new units, without any external force being applied.

One Reddit user has speculated that these problems could be linked to the “small elastic arms” present in the Pixel 8 series, visible in disassembly videos. These small elastic arms, pointing upwards, could be exerting pressure on the screen, usually the cause of these bumps.

The exact reason for the bumps has not yet been confirmed. That said, disassembly videos clearly show these small elastic arms exerting pressure on the screen. It’s possible that this is the cause of the dents we’ve seen, depending on their location.

Despite these growing concerns and feedback from a number of users, Google has yet to acknowledge or respond to these display issues. Some users have already taken steps to replace their faulty units, but the community is awaiting an official response from Google, as well as an appropriate solution. So far, Google has not acknowledged or responded to these display issues. However, concerned users are already attempting to replace their faulty units. It is imperative that Google responds quickly, provides answers and offers solutions to restore consumer confidence in the reliability of its Pixel 8 products. We are closely monitoring the situation and will update as soon as there is new information.

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