There are numerous smartphones in the market but not all are the same. It is important to identify which best suits your needs. Galaxy A14 5G and Vivo Y30 5G are both among the most popular Samsung and Vivo.

Both offer a good performance, great designs and great autonomy. To make a choice between these two, you need to know the difference between the two devices. You will obtain a detailed analysis of the two smartphones as well as specifications and principal features.

Samsung Galaxy A13
199 €
199 €

Galaxy A14 5G and Vivo Y30 5G : Design and launch date

 If you have followed recent updates you know that Samsung will soon release its new smartphone- Galaxy A14. However the release date is yet to be communicated. But it is very possible that Samsung will launch it by March or April 2023.

Vivo Y30 5G has been on the market for a long time already now, it was released a couple of months back, around 25 July this year. As promised, the smartphone has gained its position in our offices and households because it provides an excellent quality and price to its users. It’s a mobile smartphone economic enough with a large price range. Vivo Y30 5G was initially launched in China and is now available in the Indian market.

Galaxy A14 5G is one of the smartphones with the best designs. It has a beautiful design but compared to Vivo Y30 5G, it is not that good. The Galaxy image drawn from the website Gadget Gang shows a design similar to Galaxy A13. It notably has a high anchor in form of water drops to present the front camera and three back cameras. Galaxy A14 5G seemingly has other properties but is not really a new product.

One point of interest feature on Vivo Y30 5G is its design. It is very simple but not to the extent of losing its beautiful appearance. Essentially, it cannot over emphasize and you can see it.  The Vivo Y30 5G is cool and fabulous; it is simple and attractive not being too sophisticated nor boring. It is small and lighter with only few buttons by the right side, making it easy to hold.  The general appearance has been slightly reduced while preserving its attractive design at the same time.

Specifications : Galaxy A14 vs Vivo Y30 5G

The Galaxy A14 is a marvelous compact device characterized by a PLS LCD screen of 6, 8 inches with a 20:9 aspect, offering a better visual experience as compared to the traditional screens of 16:9. Its screen has a density of about 258 ppp and a refreshment rate of about 90 Hz. As for the resolution, Galaxy has a resolution of 720 x 1600 pixels.

Vivo Y30 5G has an IPS LCD screen of 6, 51 inches. Screen takes the 720 x 1600 resolution similar to that of Galaxy A14 5G, a refreshment rate of 60 Hz and a 20:9 aspect report  a little lesser than that of Galaxy. Vivo has a lateral finger prints scanner.

Coming up to the camera, Galaxy is equipped with 3 back cameras; typically we have a great capture angle of about 50MP, a macro capture of 2MP and a deeper capture angle of about 2MP as well. At the back, Galaxy is equipped with a camera of 13MP.

Vivo on the other hand has 2 units back camera; we have a great capturing angle of about 50MP, and a deep capture angle of about 2MP. Talking about the front camera, vivo Y30 5G is equipped with a capture of 8MP. These three cameras permit it to take videos in 1080P.

As for Performance, galaxy uses Exynos 1330 processor or MediaTek MT6833 Dimensity 700. Its SIM card is accompanied by a vive memory of 4 or 6 Go and an internal storage of 64 or 128 Go. On the graphic processor side, we have Mali – G57 MC2. Galaxy functions under Android 13 and uses user interface UI 5.

Vivo Y30 G5 uses a Soc of MediaTek, a MT 6833 Dimensity 700. Its processor is supported by 6Go memory and 128 Go internal storage, execute Android 12 and use the Mali-G57 MC2 graphic processor. For user interface, Vivo uses Funtouch 12.

Galaxy has a Li-Po 5000 mAh battery, it’s a good capacity that can enable you have an autonomy of 6-7 days. A 15W rapid charge, implying it will hardly recharge quickly. According to U4B website, Galaxy has a continuous usage durability of 8-9 hours and a normal function time strain of 1, 5- 2 days.

As for Vivo, it as well equipped with a Li-Po 5000mAh battery, this implies a great autonomy of about 6-7 days too. With a 10W charge, it will charge less quickly than Galaxy. U4B website makes us to understand that Vivo has a constant usage performance of 10 – 12 hours and a normal mode functioning duration of 1, 5 to 2 days.

Samsung Galaxy A13
199 €
199 €

Which of them is cheaper?

In terms of price, Vivo is a slightly more expensive, it costs 230 Euros, but taking its features into consideration, it is a quite faire price. Galaxy contrarily is less expensive the price stands at 210 Euros. The price difference is relatively not exaggerated but between both smartphones, Galaxy is a more interesting one. It has many best features and is less expensive.     

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