The smartphone industry is often criticised for its environmental impact, but some brands are committed to producing greener, more sustainable phones. Here’s a list of the world’s greenest phones:

Fairphone 4

In a world where technology is ubiquitous, it’s essential to be concerned about the environmental and social footprint of the devices we use. The Fairphone was created with this in mind. By combining innovative technical features with ethical and sustainable practices, the Fairphone is positioned as one of the most eco-friendly phones in the world.

The Fairphone stands out for its impressive technological features, while taking into account the social and environmental aspects of its design. It is designed to be easily repairable and upgradeable. Its interchangeable modules allow users to easily replace faulty parts or upgrade components, extending the life of the phone.

This smartphone is made using sustainable and ethical materials, such as recycled aluminium and minerals from ethically certified sources, to reduce the environmental impact and conflict associated with the extraction of these resources. Fairphone is committed to using materials from fair sources, ensuring that miners and workers in the supply chain are treated fairly and equitably.

HighlightsWeak points
Ethical and sustainable approach,
Transparency of the supply chain,
Social impact,
Limited technical performance,
Limited availability,
High price
Strengths and weaknesses of the Fairphone 4

Teracube 2nd

The Teracube 2e is an eco-responsible smartphone that uses recycled and sustainable materials. It is also easily repairable and modular, and the brand offers a four-year warranty to encourage users to keep their phone for longer.

The Teracube 2e is built to last. It features a recycled plastic back shell and a reinforced screen with Gorilla Glass protection. What’s more, the lifetime warranty gives users peace of mind.

This device is a conscious choice for the environment. With its sustainable design and use of recycled materials, it helps to reduce the amount of electronic waste generated by the smartphone industry.

HighlightsWeak points
Eco-responsible approach,
Replaceable battery,
Affordable price
Limited performance,
Lack of advanced features
Strengths and weaknesses of Teracube 2e

In conclusion, the Teracube 2e stands out for its eco-responsible approach, durability and replaceable battery. Although it may have slightly inferior performance and a lack of advanced features, it offers an ethical and affordable alternative for environmentally conscious consumers. If you’re looking for an eco-responsible and sustainable smartphone, the Teracube 2e could be an interesting choice to consider.


The shift6m is a modular smartphone created by German company Shift GmbH, with a focus on sustainable development and fair trade. The phone emphasises values such as sustainability, transparency and repairability.

One of Shift6m’s key assets is its commitment to the environment. It is made from recycled and recyclable materials, reducing its environmental impact. What’s more, it is compatible with the Fairphone standard, which means that its components can be easily repaired or replaced, extending its lifespan.

The Shift brand focuses on improving working conditions in the smartphone industry and promoting fair trade.

HighlightsWeak points
Eco-responsible approach,
Limited performance,
Limited functionality,
Limited availability
Shift6m strengths and weaknesses

The Shift6m is a unique smartphone with a societal commitment to the environment. With its eco-friendly design, it offers a pleasant user experience. Although it may have some limitations in terms of performance and availability, it remains a preferred choice for those looking for a sustainable and ethical smartphone.


The PinePhone is a smartphone created by the company Pine64, which aims to offer total user control and promote the use of Linux on smartphones. The PinePhone is designed to offer total user control, which means you can customise and modify the operating system to suit your needs.

PinePhone is compatible with Linux projects, which means you can run Linux distributions on your smartphone. The PinePhone is easily repairable, meaning you can replace damaged or faulty parts yourself. PinePhone is affordable, with a starting price of $150.

The PinePhone is equipped with an Allwinner A64 processor, which is a far cry from the processors found in the majority of entry-level phones at the moment. What’s more, this phone doesn’t have all the features found on common smartphones, such as a high-resolution camera or a high-definition screen.

It should also be noted that the PinePhone does not support all Android applications, which may limit its use. The PinePhone is aimed at experienced users, which means that if you’re not familiar with Linux, you may find it difficult to use.

HighlightsWeak points
Total user control,
Linux compatibility,
Easy to repair,
Affordable price
Limited performance,
Lack of functionality,
Lack of application support,
For experienced users.
Strengths and weaknesses of PinePhone

In conclusion, the PinePhone is a unique smartphone that offers total user control and is compatible with Linux projects. Although it has limited performance and a lack of features compared to high-end smartphones, it is affordable and easily repairable. However, it is aimed at experienced users and does not support all Android applications. If you’re interested in using Linux on a smartphone and are prepared to sacrifice some features for total control, the PinePhone could be an interesting choice for you.

Fairphone 3

The Fairphone 3 is designed to be sustainable. It is made from ethical and recycled materials, which reduces its environmental impact. It is a modular smartphone, which means that users can replace or repair components themselves, dramatically increasing the lifespan of the phone.

HighlightsWeak points
Ethical and sustainable approach,
Poorly calibrated screen,
Relatively weak battery
Strengths and weaknesses of the Fairphone 3

With its eco-responsible approach, modularity and durability, the Fairphone 3 stands out from many phones in the same price range. Although it may have a poorly calibrated screen and a relatively weak battery, it offers an ethical and sustainable alternative for consumers concerned about the environmental and social impact of their smartphone purchases.

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